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KRÜ Esports one game away from qualifying to VCT Champions

Underdog stories are beloved by esports fans all around the world, and in the 2023 VCT Americas Last Chance Qualifier, there is 1 team that has gone from winless to possible contender in 4 days. All of it kickstarted by miraculous effort from their superstar duelist, who continues to make a statement as possibly one of the best players in the world.

KRÜ Esports’ superstar duelist, Angelo “keznit” Mori, has already set a standard for underdogs all around the VALORANT competitive scene. After not winning a single series in the regular season, keznit currently leads all players in the LCQ event in “first kills” with a total of 29, according to statistics website vlr.gg. This single statistic shows exactly why KRÜ Esports is starting to pick up steam, as keznit and company have confidently become the most aggressive team in the region. The youngster has made a name for himself by taking any duel he sees on the map, and ultimately winning a big percentage of them purely thanks to his mechanical ability.

KRÜ Esports one game away from qualifying to VCT Champions

More than half of keznit’s elimination tally have come on Raze, with her being his favorite agent on the game for obvious reasons. Raze easily facilitates keznit’s playstyle, as she can rapidly push a site or an angle thanks to her satchel, this when paired with superstar mechanical prowess becomes a deadly duo. On top of his aggression, keznit has shown consistency in play, currently boasting a massive 293.6 ACS with Raze and 196.7 average damage per round.

Until the upper bracket finals, keznit was solely carrying KRÜ Esports through the LCQ tournament, however their opponent at this stage was none other than Cloud 9. At this point all members would have to chip in if they wanted to get past one of the favorites in the event, and that’s exactly what they did.


NicolasKlausFerrari and MarcoMelserAmaro came in with a vengeance, recording 25 and 23 kills on a single match in the series, respectively. Overall the squad’s transition into a more aggressive playstyle has yielded positive results, with the team sitting at 112 collective first kills, the most out of any roster in the competition.

Against Cloud 9, keznit was able to focus on other things outside of fraggin as his teammates slowly but surely started to step up to the plate. The 21 year old started to focus more in leading the squad during the round, while keeping everyone calm in tough situations as the series went all the way to 3 games.

After the miraculous run only one team remains, with KRÜ Esports patiently waiting for the winner between Cloud 9 and Leviatán, on July 23rd.

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