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Last Chance of Redemption for NRG, Shopify Rebellion, and Cloud9 in the VCT NA LCQ

Looking at the tournament bracket for any kind of VALORANT tournament is a difficult task for anyone trying to predict outcomes. However, for the soon to start North American VCT Last Chance Qualifier aka NA LCQ, it feels almost like an impossible quest to complete, as every team has the capabilities to go on and win the qualifier.

This time around we will focus on the rest of the teams that are going to fiercely battle for a spot on Champions 2022, from the NA LCQ tournament bracket. We’ll be sharing our esports odds and esports bets throughout the tournament so make sure to not miss any of our coverage!

Last Chance of Redemption for NRG, Shopify Rebellion, and Cloud9 in the VCT NA LCQ
Ethan "Ethan" Arnold, player for NRG


NRG’s biggest challenge to face while in VALORANT esports has been inconsistency, something that’s extremely hard to deal with when making a couple of significant roster changes between tournaments. During both competitive stages, NRG looked incredible during qualifiers but as soon as they were placed against the top dogs everything seemed to fall apart.

Nevertheless, NRG have definitely improved by a big margin since signing Ethan, with both eeiu and s0m progressing the most from typical role players to baseline members of the team.

The team has also shown incredible resiliency during a lot of different series. A good example of this, NRG were down 1-3 in the Stage Two main event however somehow they came together with three consecutive wins over The Guard, Ghost, and Evil Geniuses to reach the NA LCQ.

Shopify Rebellion

The former Luminosity roster has shown several highlights but not performances that scream winning team. In a total of 8 matches against teams that finished top four in their respective stage, the Shopify Rebellion roster has lost almost all of them, seven to be exact. These results against the top teams in their own region just haven’t shown up to what the organization was hoping for.

Outside of XSET and OpTic, the Shopify Rebellion roster is the only NA team this year to actually reach their regional playoffs in both stages. They managed to do better in Stage Two thanks to an incredible main event performance from duelist main bdog, and if he can replicate that with others like dazzLe in this NA LCQ, then the Shopify players will have a good chance to finally win the coveted slot.

The players should have added motivation since they’ll be playing to show off to other teams, as Shopify has not entered the franchise process stapled by Riot for next year.

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Cloud 9

The incredibly unexpected departure of both Sova main Xeta and head coach Autumn definitely was part of Cloud 9’s latest underwhelming performances, leading to their worst overall participation across a tournament or stage since Vanity joined the team.

Any team would have difficulties from such a baseline part of the roster suddenly confirming exit from the team, especially if it occurred in the middle of the tournament.

In recent showings, Cloud 9 have been adapting while actively competing in minor events, with the trio of Xeppaa, leaf, and mitch all playing above their previously seen pedigree during Stage Two. With time to now get curry well in place, it wouldn’t be a shock to see C9 get back to their feet in this competition.

If you are an esport betting fan you should keep an eye on the Cloud9 squad as they can take the competition by storm.

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