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LCS Spring viewership is increasing

After just 4 weeks of the new competitive League of Legends era in North America, fans are captivated by what they’ve witnessed thus far. Hope is quickly returning for an area that is yearning for a victory, as evidenced by fewer one-sided stomps and more material outside the server. For a while now, the 2024 LCS Spring Split has been receiving positive reviews. One such review was posted on the League subreddit, and it highlighted the league’s reform and how competitive the area has become. Continue reading and check out our other articles for the best information on lol betting!

These statements from supporters follow a hugely successful match-filled third week and an abundance of thrilling fourth-week League games and outcomes. In what has already been dubbed the match of the spring season, 100 Thieves defeated Cloud9 in 46 minutes. Also, Team Liquid was in 3rd place and NRG was in 6th going into the penultimate week of the regular season. Fans differ, with some arguing that teams are seeing results because of “smarter roster construction” and leaning more into the NA Challenger pipeline. Others disagree, arguing that the region has “leveled up” since the reduction to 8 teams, which has raised expectations on the international scene.

LCS Spring viewership is increasing
LCS Spring viewership is increasing

After the first 4 weeks of LCS Spring 2024, FlyQuest is in the lead. In November, this club made a total roster overhaul, choosing players from Canada, the USA, and Europe over Koreans. With 7 victories in 9 games, FlyQuest is currently comfortably ahead of the pack. Cloud9 and NRG, the summer split leaders from the previous year, are positioned in the middle of the rankings. Shopify Rebellion and Immortals have put on the least impressive show thus far. Compared to previous spring, the average viewership of the LCS Spring 2024 broadcasts has marginally improved. The league’s official channels are being seen by fewer fans, but more viewers have been drawn in by the supplementary content provided by community casters Caedrel and Baiano. Peak broadcast viewership during the first 4 weeks of LCS Spring 2024 was 192.8K, with the match between Cloud9 and Shopify Rebellion drawing in this audience. It’s important to note that the LCS Spring 2023 peaked at 178.8K viewers throughout the first 4 weeks of play.

The strength of the 2024 LCS squads in relation to the rest of the League world has yet to be determined. Saying that a home region is more competitive in its current campaign is fine, but these performances need to be translated to the global arena. The Mid-Season Invitational in London in mid-March will reveal where NA stands for sure, but general agreement is that the switch to live patch play is driving teams to adjust quickly, as evidenced by the wide range of champions who make it through the draft. There are other winning factors besides gameplay. Others remarked on how enjoyable the LCS broadcast has been, citing off-server content in between series in addition to the surprising results.

The LCS’s viewership is still a topic of discussion. Numbers are increasing, but mostly because of overlap as South American broadcasts finish and move to NA coverage; once the first LCS series comes to an end, high concurrents sharply decline.

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