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LCS to change format for Summer Split

According to a report by Travis Gafford, the structure of the LCS Summer Split will no longer be Best of 1, but rather a series. The LCS is following its Western opponent after the LEC (kind of) made the same leap that the LCK and LPL had essentially made since their founding. Reporter Travis Gafford disclosed in a YouTube video that the North American League of Legends competition will resume a Best of Three format for the Summer Split. Continue reading and check out our other articles for the best information on lol betting!

Though Riot Games is changing the regular season to a single round-robin before heading into the 2024 postseason, this change won’t add many additional play days to the NA League tournament. It is anticipated that the playoff format will remain best-of-five, as it has since the LCS’s founding in 2013. Riot seems determined to avoid stretching out games over too many days, which has upset League supporters who were hoping that any meaningful change to the bo3 format would also mean the LCS implementing China and Korea’s week-long matchday schedule. Viewers of the LCS are already calling the upcoming move “absolutely massive” for the region, despite the (technically) fewer matches. While some hailed the change as a “huge win for fans who truly fans of teams,” others expressed satisfaction with Commissioner Mark Z’s direction for the league. Overall, the community at large has embraced the news reports with open arms. The 2023 Summer Split had a peak viewing of 223k, whereas this Spring’s viewership was 246k. However, the viewership did not soar. With barely half the airtime, the average viewership was 120k this year compared to only 76k previous year.

LCS to change format for Summer Split
LCS to change format for Summer Split

After years of Bo1s in the Regular Season, Bo3s are back for the 2nd split of the 2024 LCS. To better compete with the Chinese and Korean teams that have been stomping all over international competitions for years, the LEC chose to bring back Bo3s for the same reason. Bo3s have not been a part of the LCS format since the 2017 Summer Split. The storied team TSM, which has since broken up, won the championship three times in a row that year. They also placed fifth at the 2017 MSI, which was a fantastic result for any Western team.

The LCS has been experiencing low viewership, so adding more matches is not an option, especially because they would have to take place throughout the week. For this reason, they are unable to simply add more playdays. Due to scheduling conflicts with the VALORANT Americas event, the LCS attempted to implement that last year but soon changed their mind.

Additionally, Travis Gafford stated that Riot intended to hold a two-week vacation during the Summer Split, which is expected to coincide with the 2024 Esports World Cup. The LCS action will pause mid-split, much like the break employed in Spring to create room for the VALORANT professional scene. But before summer officially begins, the LCS’s primary responsibility will be to perform well on the global scene. FlyQuest and Team Liquid will represent the area in Chengdu in May at the 2024 Mid-Season Invitational.

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