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LEC organization reportedly looking to sell slot

After a total of 3 years of being part of the highest League of Legends European league, Astralis is reportedly looking to make their way out of the LEC.

The organization is rumoredly looking to sell their LEC slot once the 2023 season is over, with several Tier 2 organizations in the hunt to take their position as soon as possible, according to esports journalist Alejandro “anonimotum” Gomis. As of the moment, Astralis has not reached an official agreement with any of the possible candidates, however, they do have a plethora of time before the 2023 season is over.

Astralis team badge

Rumors around the start of the year mentioned Team Falcons was reportedly already pushing for a possible deal with the Danish organization, however, Riot Games did not approve the purchase of the LEC slot and discussions slowly started to break down. Team Falcons is a Saudi Arabian-based esports organization that currently sponsors several competitive squads including VALORANT, Overwatch, PUBG, and Rocket League since 2017.

The report also states Astralis is not looking for a merge deal with another esports organization, similar to the process Rogue finished with KOI back in 2022. The deal saw the massively popular Spanish organization take Rogue’s LEC spot, while still keeping most of Rogue’s previous structure. Astralis is looking for a full sale of the LEC slot, and reportedly European Regional League squads are in the front of the race for it.

In previous years Astralis has been linked to a possible sale of their LEC seat, including rumors as recent as October of 2022. Back in that era, there were plenty of suitors, however, the popular French organization Karmine Corp were favorites for it, but ultimately discussions on the matter slowed down once again by the end of the year.

Overall it seems Astralis are not in a rush to sell their slot up until now, most likely looking for a rather high offer. Throughout 2023 they have been able to fill a roster that is competitive enough to maintain fans happy, especially after the signings of Finn and LIDER. However, results have not been kind to the Danish squad which are currently ranked 9th just above Team Vitality.

The community is eager to see if organizations such as Karmine Corp, Barça eSports, BISONS ECLUB, LDLC OL, and GamerLegion are looking to make the step up into Tier 1 European competition. Some of them inquired back in 2022 with teams such as EXCEL, Rogue, and Misfits to see if they could either merge or fully buyout their LEC slot. However Misfits sold their slot to Heretics, Rogue merged with KOI, and EXCEL ultimately decided to stay within the LEC for the foreseeable future.

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