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LEC Spring Split 2023 Power Rankings

The first-ever Winter Split of the League of Legends competitive season in the EMEA region recently ended. We correctly predicted that G2 Esports would win (+300) before the split even started in our LEC Winter Season Outright Predictions. Now, teams will compete for the Spring Split trophy and a seat in the London-based MSI.

Even though we already know the values of the teams from the initial split, there have been some significant alterations that could upset the established hierarchy. This should give you a better picture before the start of the Spring Split, whether you’re trying to figure out which teams are stronger or looking to make the most of your league of legends betting predictions.

(PHOTO) Yasin "Nisqy" Dinçer, mid laner for Mad Lions
(PHOTO) Yasin "Nisqy" Dinçer, mid laner for Mad Lions

10. Astralis

Yes, XL Esports or Fnatic heavily struggled last split, but I don’t think that they will replicate their catastrophic start in the LEC Winter Split. In light of this, Astralis is the only team I view as having problems.

It’s currently unclear who will replace mid laner Dajor as the starting mid laner because he is considering other alternatives. It’s unlikely that Astralis will make the playoffs again, unless a major collapse of other top teams happens.

9. Team BDS

One of the biggest surprises of the LEC Winter Split was Team BDS. They managed to compete against the top teams in the Best-of series in addition to finishing in the top half of the regular split. However, teams were able to gradually develop countermeasures, and when combined with team mistakes, the team was only able to finish in seventh place.

Having said that, a solid foundation exists, and rising stars like Sheo have established themselves in the league. Crownie demonstrated that he is still LEC-worthy by becoming one of the league’s top ADCs and a very reliable presence.

Adam will be the main area of uncertainty because he is renowned for having highs and lows. Keep an eye on him because his performance level will have a direct impact on Team BDS’ entire split.

8. Heretics

(PHOTO) Team Heretics seen at the LEC Winter Groups stage
(PHOTO) Team Heretics seen at the LEC Winter Groups stage

Team Heretics had a respectable 2023 season debut, making it into the Winter Groups. Nonetheless, they were easily defeated by SK Gaming, demonstrating the fact that the team still needs more time to achieve the ideal balance.

Some of the newcomers, like Jackspektra and Ruby, have shown some impressive talent, but the split also highlighted their inexperience. It’s still difficult to imagine them entering the top half of the pack right away, even though they do have the ability to develop better over the course of the year. They may be capable of pulling off some surprises, but they don’t play with the same consistency as other teams.

7. Fnatic

Given that this team features some of the strongest individual skills in the game, it might seem strange that Fnatic is ranked so low. Yet, based on the most recent LEC Winter Split results and the management disaster, placing Fnatic any higher than seventh place seems overblown and overly hopeful.

Oscaririn and Advienne will have a fantastic opportunity to establish themselves, but they will also be under a great deal of pressure to get Fnatic back to their rightful place. The team needs a rapid and successful cure from the new head coach Nightshare, or he risks being quickly caught in the storm’s eye.

6. Excel

(PHOTO) Andrei 'Odoamne' Pascu, top laner for XL
(PHOTO) Andrei ‘Odoamne’ Pascu, top laner for XL

Even though XL Esports had performed worse than Fnatic in the LEC Winter Split, we began to notice a different side of the squad when they were able to compete against Vitality at the very end of the split.

This will be the value that XL demonstrates heading into the spring. XL should rise above the pack thanks to the arrival of the new head coach Hidon. This can serve as a launching pad for a more successful team later in the season, even though it’s still a long way from the goals that were established at the beginning of 2023.

5. SK Gaming

The finest piece of news you could give an organization that consistently battled in the bottom half is that SK Gaming is now a top-half team. SK seems to have earned his or her position through several highs and lows.

The Exakick-Doss venture was a great success, and they have amassed some trustworthy talent. They served as the foundation of the group that helped them finish third during the regular split.

Even though they didn’t perform as well in groups, the squad still has a strong lineup overall, and Swiffer is a fantastic coach to guide them. This is definitely the year to set SK’s sights on winning the championship or finishing in the top three.

4. Vitality

(PHOTO) Zhou "Bo" Yang-Bo, jungler for Vitality
(PHOTO) Zhou “Bo” Yang-Bo, jungler for Vitality

Following Vitality’s early overwhelming start, the team started to lose steam once other teams figured out how to defeat them. Unfortunately, the bot lane underperformed, particularly when contrasted to the top side of the map, which resulted in Neon being benched after one split.

With Upset now a member of Vitality, this lineup will be even more potent. Now that engage supports are back in the meta, Kaiser has a real chance to compete if he can finally step up.

However, given that Vitality’s performance in the last split fell short of expectations, it would definitely be wiser to be conservative with their rankings going forward. But if everything works out, we might see a fresh title challenger.

3. KOI

KOI experienced a significant comeback toward the end of the regular split, which saw them joining groups at the last minute. We began to catch glimpses of the team from last year’s Rogue, which won their first-ever LEC championship, as the team obviously stepped up later than anybody else. It won’t be unexpected to see them in the top ranks of the league if the meta stays bot-centric.

KOI will be a dangerous lineup to be on the lookout for in the spring now that the squad has rediscovered its form. Although they might not succeed right away, you can be confident that they will be prepared to compete when the playoffs arrive.

2. Mad Lions

Because of their outstanding coaching staff, MAD Lions consistently find a way to win despite going through a variety of team changes over the years. Regardless of the traits of the players, they are able to come up with a winning recipe. However, it seems that the group still has to put in a bit more effort before realizing its full potential.

As Elyoya got shut down, we started to notice some of the team’s limitations, therefore MAD will need to work on it. In addition, the team occasionally experiences strange situations brought on by individual errors or excessive hostility (looking at you, Hylissang).

Given their second-place result in the Winter, the Lions will have the best chance of becoming the second team to go to London for MSI. Despite this, there is no denying that the Lions are ready to roar.

1. G2 Esports

(PHOTO) G2 Esports seen lifting the 2023 LEC Winter Split trophy
(PHOTO) G2 Esports seen lifting the 2023 LEC Winter Split trophy

G2 once again demonstrated why they are the best team in the LEC. They not only defeated all of the other teams in the best-of-xseries, including MAD Lions, but they also demolished their rivals, giving the appearance that nobody could possibly compete with them. With the exception of a few odd incidents, G2 always seems to know what they should be doing and how to achieve it.

Particularly Yike, who performed exceptionally well as a rookie, is looking to get better even as he acquires more experience. With G2 already locking their spot at the Mid-Season Invitational, they should be more relaxed in the upcoming spring split. It will be crucial to determine whether that will have a beneficial effect on their performance (or negatively).

Yet, the general consensus is that this G2 group can compete with the finest teams in the world, and we are positive that they can succeed on the international stages.

We’ll be covering all of the major leagues (LCS, LEC, LPL, LCK), while also checking out exciting games happening in the wildcard regions. Make sure to stay tuned as we’ll be sharing our esports picks with you!

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