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LEC to be hosted at renovated Riot Games venue

Riot Games plans to convert the LEC studio into a new venue for all Riot events in the EMEA region prior to the 2024 esports season. They will make an announcement on the renovation of LEC Studio, its current Berlin-based location and all existing competition and additional yet-to-be-announced tournaments will be able to take place at the new Riot Games Arena, which will serve as the hub for activities in the EMEA region. The former LEC Studio has undergone a significant transformation and is now formally known as the Riot Games Arena. Continue reading and check out our other articles for the best information on lol betting!

The organization declared its sustained dedication to the competitive environment amongst a number of dissatisfied systems that swept through international leagues and communities. The idea is to transform it into an extremely adaptable and custom constructed esports venue that can host various Riot Games competitions around Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

LEC to be hosted at renovated Riot Games venue
LEC to be hosted at renovated Riot Games venue

The venue’s primary advantage will be its versatility, which enables seamless changes between various Riot IPs using a blend of digital and physical equipment. This allows the facility to accommodate 2 simultaneous esports events. On-site live events will be handled by the team in Berlin’s Arena while some may be handled by the transmission center in Dublin.

The fans are as much a part of the new Arena as the players are. Everyone will get ready for an incredible experience if you’re fortunate enough to attend one of these events in person. The arena will strive to improve the user experience for online as well as in-person spectators. Fans attending will have a better live-viewing experience thanks to amphitheater-style spectator seats, new theater seating, and an arrangement that brings them more connected to the players thanks to the introduction of a designated player tunnel. Online fans, on the other hand, will receive a higher quality broadcast as a result of additional booths and special co-streaming cabins for the most popular online personalities.

The Head of Media House for Riot Games EMEA, Sarah Joynt Borger shared the following statement: “On-site, we want to offer an experience that brings them into our worlds, immersing them more fully into Riot Games’ universes. With a large portion of our fan base watching from home, we also needed to put a lot of emphasis on the quality and diversity of our broadcast and production, to enhance their personal viewing experience.”

Additionally, things are getting better if you’re watching at home. Imagine more varied, higher-quality broadcasts. Riot Games Arena will feature state-of-the-art broadcast equipment, which will facilitate effortless shifts between various esports leagues and is expected to become the premier esports venue. Riot Games claims to reveal more information about this technological marvel in the first half of 2024. Fans will have to prepare for an entirely new experience in gaming in Europe.

The Riot Games Arena will be opening its doors to spectators for the LEC Winter Split in January, signaling the start of the 2024 esports season for all of Riot’s titles in the EMEA region. At the start of the following year, more information about the renovated studio is anticipated to be released.

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