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Leo taking a break from competitive VALORANT

Emirhan “hiro” Kat has been added to Fnatic’s Valorant roster as the sixth member, and Leo “Leo” Jannesson has been given a break. Before the VALORANT Champions Tour 2024: EMEA Stage 2 officially began, Fnatic abruptly stated that its Valorant team would be forced to alter. Three European teams will advance to the Valorous Champions 2024 event based on the results of this tournament. Get ready for an exhilarating season ahead and continue reading for the best information to help your valorant betting odds!


Leo taking a break from competitive VALORANT
Leo taking a break from competitive VALORANT

Surprise move

Leo’s exit, is quite unexpected. Since the team’s founding, the Swedish player has been a vital component of Fnatic’s Valorant, helping the group establish themselves as one of the leading European organizations in the game. Leo has been given the chance to take a break and refuel, according to the organization, and it is hoped that he will be able to perform at his best in the future. This roster change is a component of Fnatic’s larger plan to stay a top-tier Valorant squad. The organization wants to stay competitive in the quickly changing Valorant esports scene by bringing in fresh talent like Hiro and letting older players take a vacation. The performance of this reorganized Fnatic team in future leagues and tournaments will be eagerly anticipated by fans.


Hiro to the team

Hiro’s arrival to the team offers a unique blend of raw talent and youthful excitement. The 19-year-old Turkish player originally gained notoriety while competing for Bleed Esports, where he shown his versatility in taking on several in-game roles and tactics. Being one of the most exciting up-and-coming Valorant talents in Europe, he has gained a reputation for his aggressive playstyle and ability to make game-changing plays. Hiro will surely collaborate closely with Fnatic’s coaching staff to swiftly assimilate him into the group’s current processes and synergies. Finding the ideal balance between Hiro’s unique skills and the established chemistry and coordination that have contributed to Fnatic’s success will be difficult.



The team needs to get through this transition phase as quickly as possible because they cannot afford any major performance lapses before such a major competition. This roster change also reflects Fnatic’s long-term goals for their Valorant program, which extend beyond the current VALORANT Champions Tour 2024: EMEA Stage 2. The team is putting itself in a position to stay competitive even if older players like Leo eventually retire or step back by adding a gifted young player like Hiro. It’s a proactive strategy that shows Fnatic’s dedication to remaining at the forefront of the dynamic Valorant esports scene. Of course, the team’s performance on stage will ultimately decide whether or not this lineup adjustment is successful.


What’s next?

When needed, Fnatic has shown that they aren’t hesitant to shake things up, even if it means saying goodbye to a cherished veteran like Leo. Although it’s a risk-taking and realistic strategy that might pay off in the long term, Hiro will face immediate pressure to integrate smoothly and support Fnatic. Fnatic’s squad is scheduled to start their voyage at the VALORANT Champions Tour 2024: EMEA Stage 2 on June 19. Fans will see if the “orange-black” can maintain this level of excellence and how the new player fits into the group.

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