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Leyan suspended after “inappropriate behavior”

Riot is punishing the Jungler in Invictus Gaming Lu “Leyan” Jue for acting inappropriately toward a gigantic “Lotso” teddy bear. Jungler in Invictus Gaming Riot is punishing Lu “Leyan” Jue for acting inappropriately during a live stream towards a massive plush toy of Lotso, the bear with a strawberry aroma who acted as the antagonist in Toy Story 3. Leyan and his group will be fined 50,000 ($6,900) and 20,000 ($2,760) Chinese yuan, respectively, by Riot. Leyan will also be suspended for two matches in accordance with the terms of the official penalty notice. Continue reading and check out our other articles for the best information on lol betting!

Riot has penalized and suspended the 21-year-old professional player for his actions during a recent stream involving a teddy bear. Leyan appeared to leap upon the teddy bear during the broadcast, and he started acting inappropriately, which led officials to reprimand both the player and his team. Over the years, some League pros have gained notoriety for themselves, whether it was due to their deliberate feeding of top-tier ranked games or their xenophobic remarks on social media. Fans, however, are questioning why Riot has imposed such severe penalties because this appears to be a very different scenario. Some fans are aware that Riot wishes to maintain a specific perception of its league and players, but some think a two-series punishment and such a big fine could be excessive for a rookie player who is only appearing to goof about on his broadcast.

Leyan suspended after “inappropriate behavior”
Leyan suspended after “inappropriate behavior”

On April 21, Leyan responded to the criticism by posting an explanation on Weibo, a well-known Chinese social networking site. He clarified that people didn’t understand what he was doing with the bear. Leyan claimed he was just listening to music on his headphones and thought the bear was cute, which prompted him to start dancing innocuously. Regarding the incident, Invictus Gaming has also released a statement in which it highlights the significance of upholding a professional image in the esports sector. They acknowledged that they had added more internal punishments, including a two-month salary cut for Leyan, and they expressed dissatisfaction in Leyan’s behavior. A more extensive conversation over conduct and professionalism in esports has been spurred by this occurrence. Leyan’s activities as a public figure have affected not just his own career but also the standing of his squad and the League of Legends community. The event reminds professional athletes of the enormous expectations they have on themselves, both in public and online.

Following the conclusion of the Mid-Season Invitational in late May, the LPL resumes play for the Summer Split. Leyan began participating in 2018. His most well-known performance came during his time with Invictus Gaming in 2019, where he contributed to the team’s top-four finish at the League of Legends World Championship.

Events like these emphasize the continued need for explicit rules and expectations for player behavior as the esports sector expands. Both players and fans are closely observing how teams and organizations respond to these difficulties in order to maintain a courteous and professional esports atmosphere.

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