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LLA 2022 Summer Split Power Rankings – Part 1

Many LLA Teams Made Significant Roster Changes

The League of Legends Latin America League will come back on June 11 and we cannot be more excited for it. During the LLA 2022 Spring Split, we saw Team Aze defy the league of legends bets and overcome every single expectation in their first split playing in the league. Now they’ll try to take the throne once again without making a single roster change because they believe in the longevity of their lineup.

Time and time again we’ve seen the majority of the teams bring in different imports (mostly Koreans) in order to win the split, but only a few have succeeded at doing so. In fact, every single split we’ve seen at least 6 teams have Korean players on their lineups, and Infinity has been the only one that won 2 splits (2021) without having a single import.

The LLA 2022 Summer Split kicks off in June 11
The LLA 2022 Summer Split kicks off in June 11

Now talking about this upcoming summer split, almost every single team made huge changes, because from what we saw last split, it was clear that some teams needed to switch things around. Today, we’ll be going over the most significant roster changes that happened during the off-season and we’ll be talking about which teams are looking better or worse compared to their last split, so without further ado, let’s get to it!

8th – XTEN Esports

Kim "Keine" Joon-cheol was the best performing member of the XTEN lineup
Kim “Keine” Joon-cheol was the best performing member of the XTEN lineup
  • Tomas “Zerito” Ezequiel
  • Kim “Seize” Chan-hee
  • Kim “Keine” Joon-cheol
  • Juan “Krim” Vaccaro
  • Santiago “Bardito” Martin

XTEN has always been known in the scene for one thing in particular, which is for bringing some of the best Korean players the league has ever seen. Sky, Focus, Rainbow, and Keine, are some of the players that XTEN scouted from all around the world and successfully turned them into strong weapons for their rosters.

The unfortunate thing that XTEN suffers from, is that you can only have so many imports, and being completely honest, I don’t believe that bringing in Seize was the right move. This team’s success will almost solely depend on Zerito and Keine’s performance throughout the split, because it’s safe to say that their bot lane is the weakest in the whole league.

That’s been XTEN’s biggest problem throughout the years, instead of building a solid roster all-around, they often rely on 1 or 2 players outperforming the rest of the competition. Last split, Keine was the only member that was constantly playing better than the opposition, and some of the times, it was Zerito, but seeing how the rest of the rosters are looking, this split, XTEN’s star players won’t be enough to even get into playoffs.

7th – Infinity

Gabriel "Ackerman" Aparicio was highly-regarded in 2021 but failed to meet expectations last split
Gabriel “Ackerman” Aparicio was highly-regarded in 2021 but failed to meet expectations last split
  • Jauny “Jauny” Vargas
  • Diego “Solidsnake” Vallejo
  • Christian “Cody” Quispe
  • Brian “Snaker” Distefano
  • Gabriel “Ackerman” Aparicio

Now this might be completely unexpected for a lot of people, but Infinity was the worst performing team in the spring playoffs and they only made changes in the staff department. Gerson “Dye” Castaño joined the team as the head coach and Jesús “Falco” Pérez is now the strategic coach for Infinity. The Spaniard was last seen coaching KOI, one of the teams currently participating in the LVP Superliga, and last split, they notably failed to meet the expectations.

I think that the only reason Infinity managed to sneak into the playoffs last split is because they were one of the teams that made few roster changes from last year, and they abused this by playing in a way that revolved around waiting for the enemy team to make mistakes. But once the teams adapted and started improving, Infinity was underperforming in the most important moments.

Solidsnake and Jauny were two of the biggest disappointments in the last split because they were highly regarded in their roles and failed to perform during the second half of the split. In the last 3 weeks of the spring split, Infinity only managed to win 2 out of 6 games, and during the playoffs, they didn’t win a single game and lost 6 in a row. I don’t think that the changes Infinity made will be enough to have a better split compared to spring unless Dye and Falco manage to pull off a miracle, although that’s very unlikely.

6th – Isurus

Jesus “Grell” Loya played the spring split grand finals with Estral and now will try his luck with Isurus
  • Kang “ADD” Geon-mo
  • Jesus “Grell” Loya
  • Ali “Seiya” Bracamontes
  • Omar “Gavotto” Gavotto
  • Son “Jelly” Ho-gyeong

Now, this is where things start to get tricky because in my opinion, the top-6 will be the closest one we’ve ever had in the LLA. I think that the 4th, 5th, and 6th place battle will be between Isurus, Globant and All Knights and it will entirely depend on the individual performances of each of their players.

The worrying thing for Isurus is that they decided to stick with Gavotto one more split. And if we look back at spring split, he didn’t perform well during the playoffs stage, and I believe that he could’ve made a difference in their series against Rainbow 7, where they came short 1 game of making it into the semifinals.

Isurus only made one change in their lineup, but it was a huge one. The Argentinian organization dropped Lucas “Frostsrike” Espíndola and replaced him with Jesús “Grell” Loya, one of the best junglers the league’s ever had. Out of the 5 splits he’s played in the LLA, he’s made it to the grand finals 4 times, although he’s never been able to win one.

Grell is looking to win his first title ever and he believes that Isurus will help him achieve that. I think that Grell is the type of jungler that Seiya needed in order to shine like he did in the past, and if they find their groove early on in the split, Isurus might be able to climb a few spots in the ladder without much issue.

5th – All Knights

Francisco “Leza” Jara has been consistently one of the best mid laners in LATAM
  • Javier “Skeeto” Fuentes
  • Cristóbal “Zothve” Arróspide
  • Lee “Crash” Dong-woo
  • Francisco “Leza” Jara
  • Noh “Alive” Jin-wook
  • Alejandro “Baula” Serrano

All Knights, just like XTen, is one of those teams that always manages to find hidden gems around the world. Back in 2019 they brought in Parang, the top laner that completely dominated the lol bets, and not a single player was close to being as outstanding as him. They later brought in Jisu to replace him and he did the exact same thing, although in a slightly less dominant manner.

For the summer split, All Knight decided to test their luck once again with Alive, the ADC that won them the 2020 Spring split title, and came really close to repeating the feat in the following split, where they fell 3-2 to Josedeodo’s Rainbow7 in the grand finals. I think that he’ll get along pretty well with Baula, a player that retired last year in order to get into coaching and casting. He is also known for his excellent shot-calling capabilities within the Latin American scene.

The other big change that AK made was in the mid lane, they brought in former Estral player Leza to replace Kiefer, who had been part of the main roster 4 splits in a row. I think that All Knights managed to put up a solid roster and they have the potential to get a top-4 finish if the top laners and the junglers perform over the league of legends betting experts’ expectations because, on paper, those players look considerably weaker than the rest of the lineup.

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