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LPL Matches to Watch – Week 4

1. Rare Atom (-125) vs FunPlus Phoenix (-104) – Wednesday

FPX’s 0-5 overall record might be a bit deceiving considering that they had to face teams like RNG, and most recently V5 and TES, which are some of the strongest teams in the league, though they were able to take 1 game away from TES and RNG.

It’s somewhat hard to exactly pinpoint what is failing for FPX as every single one of their lanes have had a good chance to perform as the main carry. I think that this team is going to end up getting better and better as the split progresses as the potential is clearly visible.

LPL Matches to Watch - Week 4
LPL Matches to Watch - Week 4

On the other side, Rare Atom comes off after two recent defeats against Weibo Gaming and Ultra Prime, two teams that aren’t doing that great so far. In fact, RA hasn’t played against any top-5 team, which is why their overall record looks a bit better compared to FPX’s.

Dai “Cube” Yi is far from being the strong carry that RA relied on to pick up the 8 wins they got during the spring split. We now see him act more as an enabler, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing if we consider that their ADC has been performing pretty well so far.

I think that this match is going to be the closest one of all the matches in this list, and while it might not be that flashy for a lot of people, don’t forget that it will feature some well-known players, like Kim “Clid” Tae-min and Hu “iBoy” Xian-Zhao. If you are into league of legends betting, be sure to not miss out this match on Wednesday at 5:00am ET.

2. Bilibili Gaming (-208) vs Invictus Gaming (+154) – Thursday

Even if BLG is the stronger team on paper, we can’t fully discard Invictus Gaming in this match. IG has been able to snatch 1 game away from all of their opponents, with Top Esports being the exception, but to be fair, TES is one of the hottest teams in the LPL right now.

Invictus Gaming is tied for 11th place with a few other teams (including BLG), though they are the ones with the better WR%. Another important thing to keep in mind is that they have mostly faced teams sitting in the top-half of the standings, and BLG is going to be their first opponent that is below 7th place by the time they face up.

It’s very surprising to see a team with players like Chen “Bin” Ze-Bin and Chu “FoFo” Chun-Lan struggle to secure more than 1 victory after 5 matches. But the thing is that BLG has recently faced really tough opponents so far, which is why their 1-4 record is a bit misleading.

If you want to see if Bin and Bilibili are going to be able to bounce back from a 3-match losing streak, be sure to catch this match on Thursday at 5:00am ET.

3. Weibo Gaming (+111) vs Top Esports (-147) – Saturday

Kang “TheShy” Seung-lok, top laner for Weibo Gaming

Top Esports is looking like a solid contender for the summer championship, but this shouldn’t be that surprising if we consider that they were just 1 game away from winning the spring finals against RNG, the 2022 MSI champions.

Zhuo “Knight” Ding is having a really good split so far, and we recently talked about his flexibility and champion pool variety in one of our esports picks. Another thing that is going to make this match extremely fun to watch is the matchup in the top lane. Huang “Wayward” Ren-Xing has a very different champion pool compared to TheShy, but at the same time, they both like to brawl a lot.

If TES ends up winning this match, they are going to be even further ahead of teams like WBG and AL in the standings. On the other hand, if WBG scores the win then they would greatly increase their chances of getting into the playoffs.

If you want to see a very interesting matchup in the top lane between two very good players, and see if Weibo Gaming can consolidate themselves as a playoff-contender team, don’t miss this match on Saturday at 7:00am ET.

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