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Masters Madrid breaks viewership records

After ten days of fierce battle, VCT 2024: Masters Madrid, the year’s first big tournament, came to an end. Despite not being the primary event in the discipline, this one attracted the most spectators in comparison to last year’s tournaments, a clear sign of the discipline’s rising prominence. Get ready for an exhilarating season ahead and continue reading for the best information to help your valorant betting odds!


Masters Madrid breaks viewership records
Valorant Masters Madrid Trophy

With 1.665 million views at its height, the VCT Masters Madrid 2024 grand finals between Sentinels and Gen.G was the most watched VALORANT match in the game’s brief history, according to Esports Charts. Sentinels vs. Gen.G broke the record for the most watched Masters event earlier in the match, but as the series advanced to the 5th map, more people turned in and eventually surpassed the peak viewership record held by OpTic and LOUD’s Champions 2022 final. The encounter between the American squad Sentinels and the Korean Gen.G Esports was an intriguing one. The American team prevailed 3-2 after 5 tight maps, providing its supporters with much-needed relief following the previous season’s disappointing outcome.

Despite having only 52 hours of broadcast, the inaugural international event of VCT 2024 became the most successful of its kind, with a total of 34.9 million hours viewed. A novel framework for the ten-day competition produced some incredible matchups across and within regions. The match between Karmine Corp and Sentinels in the tournament’s opening round saw 882K peak viewers. Setting a high bar for the remainder of the tournament, three of the five playoff games had peak viewerships of more than one million. The regional kickoffs, which serve as the event’s qualification tournaments, also turned into the most prosperous regional tournaments.

Sentinels had only one game with a peak attendance of more than a million people prior to the start of Masters Madrid, and that coincidentally occurred during their most recent international VCT trophy victory. At 1.085 million viewers, Sentinels’ victory over Fnatic at Masters Reykjavík 2021 reached the greatest point in VALORANT history. However, in the years that have passed, the VALORANT and Sentinels brands have both expanded. Sentinels played three games at Masters Madrid that drew more than a million spectators, of course, the now-famous record-breaking grand final against Gen.G. Given that Tarik recorded the biggest viewership peak during Madrid with over 290,000 people, Sentinels may theoretically also claim the title of the channel with the largest peak viewership of the championship. Given that it coincided with the last day of the first CS2 Major’s Elimination Stage at PGL Copenhagen, which featured active CS2 rosters like G2 and NAVI, the grand final record is even more remarkable. The 2024 VCT season could be another record-breaking year for VALORANT as a result of this performance at Masters Madrid, particularly if teams like Sentinels, LOUD, Karmine Corp, Paper Rex, and others are able to advance to the year’s biggest event, Champions 2024.

Interestingly, Masters-level competitions are now even more popular than World Championships in 2022 and 2023, a clear sign of the growing interest in the Valorant esports industry.

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