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Match-fixing scandal in the VCS

The Vietnam Championship Series (VCS) Spring Split has been temporarily halted due to “anomalous data” that has transpired during the games that have been recorded thus far, according to an official notice made through Facebook. Match-fixing is the cause, according to League of Legends analyst Molecule, who disclosed this information behind closed doors. Out of the 40 players in the league, 32 have been flagged for possible match-fixing. All 32 of them are presently either the subject of an investigation or an official ban, though this has not been confirmed. Continue reading and check out our other articles for the best information on lol betting!

The playoffs and finals are among the events that the league has had to reschedule. However, the region’s spot at the 2024 Mid-Season Invitational may potentially be in peril if the VCS continues its investigation or if more players are suspended. For suspected match-fixing, 32 players from 8 teams have been investigated. The VCS organizer has chosen to delay the end of the VCS 2024 Spring Tournament in order to “allow for additional time to review and identify” the data in response to such a widespread accusation. Subsequently, they sought to determine the appropriateness of each player’s penalty by applying the regulations. The VCS organizer has also announced that these 32 people will not be permitted to take part in any Riot Games Esports events, including official or unofficial competitions, while these investigations are ongoing. What the final decision will be for these 32 guys is still up in the air. It is unlikely, though, that the majority of them will ever go back to the VCS stage. Furthermore, the scandal’s impact was so great that it would temporarily bring a stop to the VCS league due to accusations of extremely low compensation, unfavorable working conditions, and management embezzling part of players’ earnings.

Match-fixing scandal in the VCS
Match-fixing scandal in the VCS

The two teams, Rainbow Warriors and MGN Blue Esports, have confirmed the investigations in a recent Reddit thread, which means they will no longer be participating. BeanJ and Gloryy’s contracts were ultimately terminated by Team Whales, despite their declarations that they wanted to be removed and that they wanted to establish their innocence. Additionally, Cerberus Esports asserts that its players are innocent and that they will collaborate extensively with the committee to support their assertions. The competitive scene has seen a lot of discussion about match-fixing. League analyst Molecule claims that one of the primary causes of players being discovered engaging in these illegal activities is their meager pay. The Ultra Liga squad Iron Wolves was recently the subject of an inquiry because of alleged win-trading activities by two of their Chinese imports.


Many in the general public are speculating about what this could signify for one of the more significant figures in the global esports scene. There have been suggestions that the League will be populated by replacement players who aren’t able to compete on the same level as the players they’re taking over for. Some have questioned whether Riot will just move the series to another area, much like how the Oceanian league combined with the NA LCS.

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