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MinD_ContRoL kicked from Tundra

During the current DreamLeague Season 22, Ivan “MinD_ContRoL” Ivanov has announced that he was dismissed from Tundra Esports. Although many found it hard to believe, Tundra Esports is currently competing in the tournament using a stand-in. MinD_ContRoL is not visible. Check out this information and more of our articles to help your dota 2 betting adventures!

Considering that MinD_ContRoL, who joined the Tundra lineup on January 8, was the most recent addition, this decision was all the more perplexing. The reasons for this sudden termination remained a mystery, leading to a great deal of conjecture on different forums. The curious thing about MinD_ContRoL’s departure is that it happened so soon after Ludwig “zai” Wåhlberg was named Tundra Esports’ general manager. A few individuals within the virtual community have identified MinD_ContRoL’s subpar performance versus Xtreme Gaming on the tournament’s opening day as a possible contributing factor.

MinD_ContRoL kicked from Tundra
MinD_ContRoL playing with former Team Liquid

While other groups, such as Team Secret, are making light of the situation by using memes, MinD_ContRoL recently mentioned in an AFK Gaming interview how much he missed his former teammates. Although the former Nigma offlaner was eager to take on a new challenge, Tundra’s sudden decision might have been influenced by his unresolved issues from the past. In 2024, MinD_ContRoL departed from Nigma in search of a fresh opportunity for his Dota 2 career. Despite taking a backseat in Nigma, the seasoned player’s skills continued to hone in the background. But sadly, his first trip away from his permanent residence came to an abrupt end.

January 2024 saw MinD_ContRoL join Tundra Esports. In his 3 qualifiers, the Bulgarian took part while he was on the squad. Tundra finished DreamLeague Season 22 and ESL One Birmingham 2024, but missed BetBoom DACHA Dubai. Tundra had one victory and three defeats at the end of the first group day. Xtreme Gaming and Team Spirit, possibly the two best teams in the group, were the teams the team faced, so while this isn’t the best outcome, the tournament is still early. MinD_ContRoL went 0/4/9 on Mars and 2/8/8 on Night Stalker in the series versus Xtreme Gaming. The unexpected turn of events left the community unsure of how to respond. While some personalities made light of the strange circumstances, the majority expressed confusion and regret for MinD_ContRoL.

Finally breaking their silence, Tundra Esports released an update on MinD_ContRoL.Verification was done on MinD_ContRoL’s indefinite leave of absence while an “internal disciplinary investigation” is going on. Following his exclusion from the Tundra Esports board of directors, MinD_ContRoL issued a challenge to the organization: select him or keep Moonmeander and Zai. The International 2017 champion was also happy with Pure replacing him. But MC was getting tense because of the persistent disrespect for his preferences and the possibility of more in the future. The chief of Tundra chooses to dismiss MC from the team in light of his ultimatum.

The lack of communication from Tundra Esports about MinD_ContRoL’s abrupt departure fuels more rumors and uncertainty as the Dota 2 community waits for further updates. As both parties eventually break their silence on the subject, more details about this story should become apparent.

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