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Mouz win BetBoom Dacha Belgrade Grand Final

Following a commanding 3-0 triumph against Team Spirit in the Grand Finals, MOUZ has won the BetBoom Dacha Belgrade 2024 tournament. D0nk was named the event’s MVP following an outstanding performance that ultimately resulted in MOUZ winning the trophy. Continue reading this article for the best information on esports predictions!

Just one week has passed since MOUZ’s successful run within the ESL Pro League Season 19, in which Kamil “⁠siuhy⁠” Szkaradek’s team defeated Vitality during the BO5 finals to earn their second EPL championship.

Mouz win BetBoom Dacha Belgrade Grand Final
Mouz win BetBoom Dacha Belgrade Grand Final


First map: Inferno

Vertigo, a MOUZ choice, was where the series began. The map was a rather close match with the powerful T side by Team Spirit, despite being among MOUZ’s favorite maps. However, MOUZ prevailed on the map by a slim 13–11 margin, thus for supporters of Team Spirit, it wasn’t enough. Having recorded 23 kills, Donk was undoubtedly one of the group’s best players. Regrettably, it was insufficient because MOUZ’s roster had a more equitable distribution of frags, earning the team further rounds.

Second map: Ancient

Ancient, Spirit’s chosen map, has a storyline reminiscent of Vertigo. MOUZ dominated the first half of play from the very beginning. The squad came quite close to winning the second map after winning the pistol round and making the conversion. However, Spirit needed “donk” to gather 6 consecutive rounds. Hardly a choker, MOUZ ended the comeback and moved one step closer to winning the championship.


Third map: Mirage

Spirit’s dreams at BetBoom Dacha would ultimately meet their demise at Mirage, as MOUZ claimed yet another commanding performance through the first half, leaving the Russian team with little room for error. Following the loss of the second pistol round, MOUZ easily captured the map and eliminated Spirit from the final with a 13-4 scoreline, leaving nothing Leonid “chopper⁠” Vishnyakov’s men could do.

Donk’s genius was insufficient this time to push Spirit across the finish line. The team surrounding him wasn’t able to perform well enough to stay competitive in this series, even though he managed an incredible 102.6 ADR over three losing maps, the highest total among all teams.

Considering their recent success in the ESL Pro League, everyone would have excused MOUZ for displaying signs of exhaustion considering their hectic schedule. But we didn’t see any of that on the server throughout this titanic battle against Spirit. Rather, MOUZ won a 3:0 series against Spirit that became less and less competitive as more rounds were played. All eyes will be on this youthful lineup heading into IEM Dallas 2024 as MOUZ has solidified themselves as the side to beat right now with the confirmation of a two-tournament winning streak.

MOUZ will now proceed to IEM Dallas 2024, where a $250,000 prize fund is also available. There will be sixteen teams competing, and the victor will be invited to IEM Cologne in 2024. The competition will begin on May 27 and go through June 2, 2024.

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