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MSI 2022 Profiles: LCO ORDER

On April 11 ORDER managed to pull off one of the biggest upsets we’ve ever seen in the history of Oceanic League of Legends. ORDER came into the playoffs after placing 4th in the regular split as they didn’t have the best performance throughout the season as predicted by league of legends betting fans.

In the playoffs, they would have to face Dire Wolves, one of the teams that we’ve seen multiple times on the international stage. ORDER came right off the gates fiercely as they took down the opposition in a dominant fashion, little did we know that this would be the beginning of their epic run.

Order, champions of t
Order, champions of the LCO

Now ORDER had to face PEACE, the team that came in as 2nd seed but ended up dropping to the lower bracket as they got defeated by Pentanet.GG 3 games in a row. At this point, ORDER had a losing record of 1-2 against PEACE during the regular split. But PEACE wasn’t ready and ORDER took them by storm. ORDER’s ADC Puma played his best series so far as he had an amazing performance and they took down PEACE with a 3-0 score. Puma was awarded his second MVP of the series in the playoffs so far.

If ORDER wanted to keep their perfect score going now they would have to knock Pentanet.GG out of the tournament. ORDER came in with confidence into this match as they had all the momentum going in their favor. They were able to, once again, pull off an upset and finished the series 3-0. ORDER now was on a perfect 9-0 run in the playoffs, and if we are being honest, this was impossible to predict. The last time we saw ORDER in a grand final was back in the 2019 Spring playoffs, more than 3 years ago, which they ended up losing without winning a single game. If ORDER wanted to make history they would have to pull off the biggest upset so far as they would be facing the Chiefs in the finals. 

Chiefs Esports Club finished the regular split 19-2 and they won against ORDER the three times they faced each other. There was no reason to believe ORDER would come out on top in this series. But ORDER had no reason to not believe in themselves as they were on a 9-game win streak up to this point. They started the series fiercely, taking the Chiefs down in the first game. The series was a back-and-forth battle between the two teams and by game 4, it was impossible to predict the outcome of the series.

We knew the fifth game of the series was going to be a special one as Puma locked in Vayne, this was the second time he picked this champion in the playoffs. It was a very close battle between Chiefs and ORDER and the game was even around the 30-minute mark. But Kisee wanted to win his first title really badly, the mid laner found a VERY important kill on Chiefs top laner Topoon that gave ORDER the chance to get a free Elder Drake buff. That was the final nail in the coffin for the Chiefs as ORDER rolled over them and closed the last game of the series 33 minutes in. 

That’s how ORDER managed to win the first title in the organization’s history and earn a spot in the upcoming 2022 MSI. Even if they didn’t manage to keep their perfect score throughout the playoffs, what ORDER achieved is something that will be remembered throughout the years in the Oceanic League of Legends scene.

Player to watch: Nathan “Puma” Puma

The Australian ADC doesn’t have the longest career, but it sure has been an interesting one. During his early days, he didn’t acquire a lot of success as he was mostly placed in the bottom half of the league. But once he joined ORDER, he started to gain momentum as his placings started to go up. This was the first grand final he ever played and he definitely delivered a solid performance.

He earned 5 MVP awards throughout the regular split and 2 MVPs of the series in the playoffs. He scored a 6.7 KDA in the playoffs and did 28.8% of his team’s damage. ORDER will have their biggest challenge so far this year, getting out of Group C in this year’s MSI.

ORDER’s Puma is facing North America’s strongest ADC, Kyle “Danny” Sakamaki, and at the same time, he will have to take down Europe’s representative G2 Esports. Even if ORDER doesn’t manage to get out of the group stage, the Australian team has already beaten the expectations by winning the LCO grand finals.

With this, we finish covering the Group C of MSI. Be sure to stay tuned in as we’ll keep covering the teams participating in this year’s MSI, and once the tournament begins, we’ll be talking about the matchups, and as always, we’ll be sharing our esports picks.

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