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MSI 2024 has been announced

Riot Games has revealed that the 2024 League of Legends Mid-Season Invitational would be held in Chengdu, China. From May 1–19, 2024, twelve of the top League of Legends teams worldwide will compete in the event. Riot Games revealed information about MSI 2024, including the schedule, location, and a ton of other things. In May of this year, League of Legends esports will travel to China. Fans of League of Legends in China and around the world will have a look at the best esports in the nation. Continue reading and check out our other articles for the best information on lol betting!

The top 2 teams from each of the 4 major regions, the LCS, LEC, LPL, and LCK, will advance to the event, with the top seed from each area receiving instant access to the bracket stage. In the play-in stage of MSI 2024, the top seeds from the LLA, CBLoL, PCS, and VCS, along with the 2nd seeds from the major regions, will all have to contend for bracket berths. Two double-elimination, bo3 brackets will be used for the whole play-in stage, as in previous years, with 4 teams qualifying for the next round. Up until a winner is declared, the 8 teams who comprise the bracket stage will play in a single-elimination, bo5 bracket. To determine the 2024 MSI champion and the first team to possibly guarantee a spot at the World Championship, the best teams from each region will square off starting on May 1 at the Chengdu Financial City Performing Arts Center (the team still needs to qualify for their regional Summer playoffs to keep their spot). This elevates the first international competition’s status and raises the stakes in the history of esports. The two areas that will get an extra seed at Worlds 2024, which is scheduled to take place in London later this year, will also be determined by MSI.

Venue for MSI 2023, Copper Box Arena
Venue for MSI 2023, Copper Box Arena

The team that wins MSI secures a spot at Worlds, regardless of the outcome of their Summer Split; this team fills an additional seat for their region rather than utilizing one of the initial ones. Although the runner-up team won’t be able to go straight to Worlds, their area will still be able to send another team to the year’s greatest competition. This release noticeably omits the information that was made public the day after Riot officially opened an inquiry on “unusual data” found in VCS games, which led to the suspension of thirty-two players. The VCS Spring Split will take place again on April 3 after being postponed while the inquiry was ongoing. However, it’s unclear how, if at all, this will impact the VCS’s representation at this year’s MSI.

On May 1, fans may anticipate the commencement of the MSI broadcast, which will include worldwide gameplay for almost 3 weeks, leading up to the grand finals on May 19. The first international competition for 2024 is the League of Legends Mid-Season Invitational. Teams will experience their first taste of international competition in Chengdu after previously participating in the regional league. Every team is preparing to perform at the highest level at the mid season international event.

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