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Multiple Teams to Sub-in Players due to Visa Issues at PGL Arlington Dota 2 Major

Teams Scramble to Find Suitable Substitutes

Dota 2’s Arlington Major is quite close to start, and while that might excite a lot of dota betting fans, teams from all around the world are struggling to complete their visas. Fnatic recently stated via social media its team would play with three total substitutes in the major, and it looks like Team Entity may join this unfortunate scenario.

One of Entity’s players, Pure, recently commented on a stream chat, saying that TSM’s Timado could sub in for him in the Arlington Major if the embassy decides to deny his visa.

Some teams are struggling to complete their visas in time for the upcoming Dota 2 major

With only a week until the major is set to start, Pure may not even hear back from the US embassy in time to fly. Taking into consideration the long flight ahead, the possibilities of Pure making it to Arlington and getting good practice with his team are very unlikely as well.

Outside of securing its spot to the International, TSM missed the Arlington Major, making Timado one of the best carries in North America available for the tourney as a substitute or free agent.

On top of Fnatic and Entity, Talon Esports is also going through visa issues. The team’s position 4, Q, had their application straight denied. After having incredible splits in their regions, the teams will have to play with substitutes in the last major before the coveted International, which makes it difficult for them to perform well in a high stakes environment.

Fnatic’s team is left to just Anucha “Jabz” Jirawong and Djardel “DJ” Mampusti to participate in the PGL Arlington Dota 2 Major. The other 3 active players in the roster: Marc “Raven” Fausto, Armel “Armel” Tabios, and Jaunuel “Jaunuel” Arcilla have been sadly taken out, as they were not able to secure U.S. visas in time for the competition.

Fnatic stated via Twitter: “DOTA Update: Due to difficulties in obtaining US visas, we will be participating at the PGL Arlington Major with 3 substitutes “Our PGL Arlington roster will be comprised of DJ and Jabz with three substitutes to be announced soon.”

All of this recent news directly affects Fnatic’s hopes of doing well at the $500,000 prize pool PGL Arlington Major, which will be held from August 4th to 14th and feature a total of 18 Dota 2 teams from all over the world. The Southeast Asian native roster have already been completing underwhelming results throughout 2022 and their chances at the PGL Arlington Major should be quite low with the absence of Raven, Armel, and Jaunuel.

The Dota 2 tournament is right around the corner, it’s very likely that Fnatic will not have the necessary time to practice and adjust their synergy with the three incoming immediate substitutes. They will be one of the three SEA teams to attend at PGL Arlington Major alongside BOOM Esports and Talon Esports.

Teams with visa issues will be picking their substitute players for the tournament from the available pool of players in the NA region and their rosters should be completed before the Arlington Major starts on August 4th. Make sure to stay tuned in as we’ll be covering every roster move and we’ll also be sharing our esports picks once the event starts!

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