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NA VCT Challenger Team Spotlight Part 1 – Who are the teams to fear?

With a single 2-year lasting promotion spot available in the VCT Americas league as of the moment, the NA VALORANT Challengers League will definitely give us quite a lot of star-studded teams looking to push up the ranks. Starting soon with the January qualifier stage where NA Challengers organizations will battle for the possibility to go and win the Ascension event set for later on in the year. This coveted Ascension tournament will provide any organization a temporary VCT Americas slot.

Just 5 NA organizations managed to grab a partnership to be a part of the VCT Americas top league, and all the offseason roster changes at the top left a plethora of incredible talents for the Challenger teams to snatch. Known players with well-set up organizations behind them are already setting up their fully fledged rosters thanks to their newly found sponsors.

TSM member Hazed
TSM member Hazed

North American viewers will thankfully be able to watch both events, NA Challengers and VCT Americas, as both events will have a fully separate broadcast window that should not overlap in content.

In part 1 of our NA VCT Challenger team spotlight, we will take a look at 2 teams that have what it takes, either due to experience or raw mechanical prowess, to take it all in this first edition.

  • TSM

Roster: Johann “seven” Hernandez, Corey Nigra, Anthony “gMd” Guimond, Nicholas “NaturE” Garrison, and James “hazed” Cobb

Missing partnership with such a big foot within esports had to hurt for TSM, however, they were the first of the major NA teams to quickly state they were not leaving VALORANT operations anytime soon. The team decided to keep one of its veterans in the form of hazed, while also signing an ex-player for Immortals and Gen.G NaturE. On top of experience you also need aim, thus the signed veteran duo will play beside the trio maintained from last year: seven, Corey, and gMd. This is the roster TSM decided to sign and prepare for their push at Ascension.

TSM did receive a direct invite to play at the NA VALORANT Challengers League.

  • M80 Esports

Roster: Mohamed “johnqt” Amine Ouarid, Gianfranco “koalanoob” Potestio, Marc-Andre “NiSMO” Tayar, Daniel “eeiu” Vucenovic, and Alexander “Zander” Dituri

A new organization to challenge everyone and looking to take over the NA Challengers League. XSET co-founder Marco Mereu decided to create a new organization named M80 Esports, while looking to swiftly push themselves into the NA VALORANT scene with the former Ghost core of NiSMO, koalanoob, and johnqt. Playing beside the former Ghost members are ex NRG member eeiu and former Version1 IGL Zander.

M80 also received a direct invite to play at the NA VALORANT Challengers League.

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