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NAVI conquers first CS2 Major

Natus Vincere has once again shown their mettle in the realm of competitive Counter-Strike during an exciting PGL Major Copenhagen finale. Beyond the customary esports hype, this victory signifies a celebration of diversity and the dismantling of national borders among the esports community. NAVI, a company with a rich history in CS, has added yet another medal to its impressive collection. In addition to the team’s strategic mastery and in-game domination, their victory at the PGL Major Copenhagen will go down in esports history because of its distinctive lineup, which has players from all throughout Europe. Together with another Ukrainian winner, the NAVI roster now has the player with the greatest win total among all Ukrainians. Finland’s first-ever Major champion joins him, marking a significant accomplishment that makes the Nordic esports community proud. Continue reading this article for the best information on esports predictions!


NAVI celebrating on stage after winning the PGL Copenhagen Major
NAVI celebrating on stage after winning the PGL Copenhagen Major


With the pistol round, FaZe got the Grand Final began off strong, with their choice of Ancient. However, NaVi’s potent T-side helped them to close out the first half 7–5. Into the 2nd half, they maintained this momentum. The map was won by NaVi at 13-9, despite FaZe managing to recover for a few more rounds. FaZe retaliated against NaVi’s choice of Mirage. Karrigan and his squad won ten straight rounds to close the 1st half with a commanding 10-2 lead. It was pure dominance. The 2nd half was more of the same. FaZe Clan dominated the map 13-2, preventing NaVi from winning a single round on their CT-side. NaVi was unfazed by their earlier defeat as they advanced to the final, Inferno. With a devastating CT-side, NaVi took the first 7 rounds easily and ended the 1st half with a 9-3 score. They maintained this pace into the 2nd half. Denying FaZe a single round on their CT-side this time. Following an incredible display from Valerij “b1t” Vakhovsjkyj, NaVi finished the map and the series with a commanding 13-3 score. As the winners of PGL Major Copenhagen, Natus Vincere take home the prestigious title of becoming the first CS2 Champions.


While NAVI had several memorable moments at the PGL Copenhagen Major, jL’s play in the playoffs was exceptional. He and b1t led the scoreboard in the final, with KD ratios of 46-29 and 51-34, respectively. w0nderful, NAVI’s sniper, was also really good. Sadly, FaZe will have to endure yet another heartache on Inferno. This was the first grand final to feature a complete bo3 series since ELEAGUE Boston CS:GO Major in 2018. At that time, FaZe had a 15–11 lead against Cloud9, but they lost both the series and the third map, Inferno.


The ripple effect of NAVI’s diverse squad winning a Major is felt all around the esports world even after the last match has faded. It is evidence of the ability of competitive gaming to bring people together from different backgrounds in order to accomplish a common objective. The players of NAVI return to their home nations as worldwide champions and national heroes when the confetti has been cleared and the trophy in hand.


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