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NAVI set to showcase new CS GO roster against Team Vitality

Natus Vincere’s brand new CS GO squad is set to go head to head against Team Vitality within a public showmatch, the series was scheduled for July 8th at 11am ET.

Rather than being a full on tournament, this showmatch will serve as testing grounds for both organizations. Even if both NAVI and Vitality will start the showmatch with their updated rosters, they will also have the option to switch and mix players between both lineups. This means there is a high chance we will see the 2 best players in the world, s1mple and ZywOo, join forces in the same team. The showmatch will be broadcasted on streaming platform Twitch on both NAVI’s and Maincast’s channels.

NAVI CS GO squad at IEM’s stage

NAVI’s new roster is rather controversial, especially the addition of in-game leader Aleksib. This opportunity will be the fans’ first chance to see NAVI’s roster at full force before the release of Counter Strike and CS GO tournaments. The Ukrainian organization has not publicly confirmed any signings yet, however several sources reported rookie Andrij “npl” Kukharsjkyj is out of the squad while also selling both electroNic and Perfecto to Cloud 9.

In order to replace 3 members, NAVI is reportedly in talks with the aforementioned in-game leader Andrij “npl” Kukharsjkyj, rising young star I Andrij “npl” Kukharsjkyji, and Lithuania native Justinas “jL” Lekavicius. This has sparked controversy as if this becomes a reality, it would be the first time their Counter Strike will officially feature an international squad since its foundation back in 2009. All previous squads have featured a full roster of Ukrainian players, but currently only two Ukrainians are still safe: s1mple and b1t.

As for Team Vitality, the French organization has not been extremely active during the transfer period. Soon after becoming the best team in the world by winning the BLAST Paris Major back in Mau, the front office has only opted for a single change before CS2’s release. OG’s former star Shahar “flameZ” Shushan was officially announced on June 22nd, and will take the place of Peter “dupreeh” Rasmussen within the lineup.

Outside of flameZ’s signing, no other official moves or even rumors have surfaced for Team Vitality. Nevertheless is not surprising, as the squad has been playing incredibly well since the start of the year.

NAVI and Team Vitality will play their first official series with their new lineups at the BLAST Premier Fall Groups stage between July 13th and the 23rd. The tournament will showcase a plethora of new lineups as it is the first Tier 1 tournament after the summer player break.

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