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NIP out of Europe RMR

In the Europe RMR A competition, Ninjas in Pyjamas were eliminated with a 0-3 record after losing 2-0 to SAW, who performed far better than they had versus Virtus.pro and 9 Pandas. The Ninjas were surprisingly bad versus the Portuguese team, looking erratic and lacking in rhythm throughout the series as they posted only 8 rounds over the 2 maps, following close defeats to Eternal Fire and AMKAL. The NIP team, who will be absent from its first Major since ELEAGUE Major Boston in 2018, has suffered yet another setback. The squad failed to go past the open qualifications for IEM Chengdu and has already missed the first Big Event of 2024, IEM Katowice. Considering that general manager Björn “THREAT” Pers recently stated that the team’s objective is to be at the top by January 2025, a roster makeover may be imminent. Continue reading this article for the best information on esports predictions!

In RMR Europe A, NIP took on SAW in the hopes of avoiding elimination early in the competition. NIP lost all of its maps and was knocked out of RMR Europe A by the Portuguese team, who defeated them 2-0. The Swedish organization selected the first map, Ancient, which showed the team’s momentum. The Ninjas even got off to a strong start in the battle, taking a 3-1 lead on their chosen Ancient map, but things kind of went apart from there.

NIP out of Europe RMR
NIP member, k0nfig, playing on stage

The Portuguese team gained an 8-4 lead by playing a very tight defense for the remainder of the half, with João story” Vieira and Ricardo “roman” Oliveira leading the charge. Following the intermission, SAW kept up their momentum, with Michel “ewjerkz” Pinto securing a quad kill in the pistol round. With three CZ killd, Fredrik “REZ” Sterner attempted to pull NIP out of their predicament, but SAW swiftly took back control of the match and ended the map. SAW won the match 13-5 because they were at ease on both sides of the map.

The Ninjas suffered even more on Nuke, a map they had only used once in the previous 3 years. On the second map, the narrative didn’t really change. SAW essentially did everything they wanted on Nuke, and they won the match. On this map, NIP did not extend beyond three spots. Their opponents easily defeated them and maintained their hopes of qualifying because they were able to outplay and outmaneuver them. They were unable to match the intensity displayed by their opponents. The performance of Alejandro “alex” Masanet was the low point, along with the two uneven maps. Regretfully, on both maps, the Spanish IGL managed just six kills.

The organization’s objectives in CS2 are explained in NIP’s mini-documentary: revive the past greatness and ascend to the top by January 2025. Until then, it appears like NIP’s general manager, Björn “THREAT” Pers, has some work ahead of him to get the team back on track. Teams fight for 8 Major places and 3 Decider stage positions in the intense European RMR A, which runs from February 14–17. With this win, SAW has advanced significantly closer to their objective because they have eliminated Ninjas in Pyjamas from the competition.

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