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NRG is replacing Rocket in Americas RMR

With Rocket’s recent punishment for employing FACEIT hacks, the seasoned North American squad of NRG was given another opportunity to make it to the Major. NRG’s first effort to advance to the RMR in America was unsuccessful as they were unable to pass the closed qualifications. However, this team was able to join after Rocket was banned from the well-known matchmaking app FACEIT. Shortly after a Rocket player was discovered to be cheating and his squad acknowledged breaking the rules during the private qualifier, the organizers made the announcement. Continue reading this article for the best information on esports predictions!

On February 22, three days after team Rocket’s player Damian “EMIYA” Boulware was banned from FACEIT for cheating, PGL announced that NRG will take the place of the latter. At about the same time, Ahmed “ayy” Mahmoud and Matthew “nero” Seymour, two teammates of EMIYA, alleged that their coach was speaking with the team illegally during the RMR’s closed qualifying, which is against the event’s rules. Following the revelation of EMIYA’s ban and the admissions made by AYY and Nero, the CS2 community anticipated that Rocket would be eliminated from the American RMR. Many supporters also thought that NRG would take their place, after the team lost to Rocket in the closed qualifier. Many people in the community have praised Rocket for their decision to accept responsibility, which was a positive gesture.

NRG is replacing Rocket in Americas RMR
NRG member osee, competing with former team

Now, NRG will have a second chance thanks to this. In November 2023, the group made a triumphant comeback to the Counter-Strike scene, with a stellar North American squad that included former Team Liquid AWPer and coach, oSee, as well as daps. Three additional noteworthy individuals from North America, including Brehze, HexT, and FaNg, complete the group. Upon their comeback to the scene, NRG has not been able to post any positive outcomes. Not only did they not make it to the RMR of the Copenhagen Major, but they also did not advance to the IEM Chengdu 2024 qualifications. However, they have a second shot to qualify for the Major and can salvage their season.

With 5 seats at PGL Major Copenhagen up for grabs, PGL has now given an invitation to NRG and started organizing the team’s travel plans to Monterrey, Mexico, the site of the Americas RMR. NRG’s ability to capitalize on this opportunity is still very much in doubt, though, since the squad hasn’t shown much in online qualifications against the best teams in North America. On March 1, 16 teams will compete in the Americas RMR. The teams will continue to compete for 4 days, with the fourth day seeing the selection of the winning squad. The top 5 teams will move on to the playoffs under the Swiss format of the RMR tournament. Eleven teams will remain and will be eliminated. Along with FURIA Esports, paiN Gaming, and Team Liquid, NRG will represent North America in the RMR event in Rocket’s place. This unanticipated turn of events offers NRG a great chance to turn things around and secure the coveted spot at the Major.

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