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OG cuts ties with current captain before the release of Counter Strike 2

Danish native captain/in-game leader Nikolaj “niko” Kristensen has officially parted ways with OG on June 8th, with the vocal player looking for a new home before the release of Counter Strike 2 in the summer.

Niko was not truly a definite member of OG’s roster however he was a stand in for the organization in most of February, after the original IGL Nemanja “nexa” Isaković decided to step down due to personal reasons. Niko played previously as a starter within OG between 2021 and 2022 with his main role being rifler, soon after he was promoted to in-game leader.

OG cuts ties with current captain before the release of Counter Strike 2
OG player niko

Under niko’s tutelage OG sadly did not win a single event, however they did manage to qualify for the BLAST Paris Major back in April thanks to a 3-2 scoreline at the Europe RMR. The community did not expect them to qualify for the last CS GO Major after nexa’s hiatus, that in itself was a massive accomplishment for the organization.

With niko’s second run with OG coming to its end, the Dane has made clear he will continue to look for opportunities within Counter Strike 2. Confirmation of the move was made soon after OG’s elimination from the BLAST Paris Major Challengers Stage back in May.

Niko’s statement via social media post on June 8th:

I am more than ready to get a new home winning trophies

Even at a young age (25 years old), niko is considered a veteran within the Counter Strike competitive scene. He has played professionally since back in 2015, performing well under the likes of Heroic and OpTic Gaming before signing with OG in 2021.

Niko’s services could prove useful for Tier 2 teams looking to foster rookies and turn them into Tier 1 worthy players. On top of that, there is a dire need for in-game leaders in the current state of Counter Strike’s competitive scene, as veterans who usually fulfill this role are slowly but surely retiring from the esport. With a stable curriculum under his belt, we definitely expect to see niko come back stronger for Counter Strike 2.

As for OG, it is still unknown if niko’s departure means nexa is ready to come back into the active lineup.In a rather cryptic way, the Serbian mentioned via social media his break was over after the announcement of Counter Strike 2 back in March. On top of that, via an interview with Dexerto on May 25th, he stated that he’s still exploring his options which might suggest a move outside of OG in the near future. Whether nexa comes back to the starting lineup or cuts ties with OG, the organization has committed to participate in CS2.

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