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Paper Rex and Gen.G qualify for Masters Madrid

In the VCT Pacific KICKOFF semi-finals, Paper Rex defeated T1, and Gen.G overcame local rivals DRX to become the first 2 teams to qualify for VALORANT Masters Madrid. The teams from China, EMEA, and the Americas will join the two teams in the final matches, which are slated for this week on Thursday (EMEA), Friday (CN), and Saturday (Americas). In the best-of-three semi-final series, Paper Rex defeated T1 2-0 to seal their spot as the first team to qualify for Madrid. Get ready for an exhilarating season ahead and continue reading for the best information to help your valorant betting odds!

Jasonf0rsakeNSusanto played for Paper Rex in the match that was seen as a brotherly rivalry, while his brother KevinxccurateSusanto represented T1. Only one of them, though, was able to make it to the first international event in 2024, according to the results of the VALORANT Champions Tour 2024: Pacific Kickoff semifinal.

The Gen.G team after competing in VCT Pacific Kickoff
The Gen.G team after competing in VCT Pacific Kickoff

Paper Rex squared battle versus T1 esports (the winners of Group A) in the semifinals. Forsaken finished with 54 kills total over the 2 played maps, or 27 kills each map. It is impressive because he achieved 292 ACS on two maps, and with 34% of the server’s headshots, he had the greatest headshot percentage. The defending Pacific champions took the lead in the series with a closely contested 16-14 scoreline on their chosen map, Split, and went on to win the series after their opponent’s map, Ascent, was easily won 13–6. In the other semi-final, DRX defeated DetonatioN FocusMe and Talon Esports to advance to the semi-final, while Gen.G faced a more difficult approach to the top four, having to navigate through 14 maps between the group stage and play-in stage.

One of the most enduring rosters collectively, DRX’s core group has made a name for itself with winning streaks, meticulous gaming, and other accomplishments. However, the team has made several additions and changes. The Pacific Kickoff served as a test for the team’s strategy of bringing in new players who had been scouted and called up and integrating them into their methodical style of play.

Split, DRX’s chosen map, was the first of 2 maps on which the 2 Korean teams engaged in combat. With DRX leading at the half 7–5, it was a very typical match. With a 12-8 scoreline, DRX was hoping to wrap up the match quickly. However, Gen.G put together a string of victories in a round, forcing an overtime period when Gen.G used their advantage to win 14–12. By the time Lotus kicked off, Gen.G was fully rolling. As Gen.G finished the half ahead 9–3, every player was playing at full capacity. Desperate, Gen.G sealed their destiny by defeating Lotus 13-8, sending shockwaves across the community, even though DRX managed to respond with five rounds in the 2nd half of a back-and-forth match.

With a score of 3-1 in the bo5 grand final against Paper Rex, Gen.G emerged triumphant from the VCT Pacific KICKOFF event. Gen.G, who will be attending their first international tournament since the formation of the team, would greatly benefit from the qualifying, aside from LOCK//IN. Don’t forget to bet on VALORANT at BetUS Sportsbook & Casino, as we have a plethora of valorant odds for you to enjoy!


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