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Perkz is taking a break from pro play

Taking a vacation from competitive League of Legends play is one of the most decorated players in Europe. Luka “Perkz” Perković has an impressive resume highlighted by numerous trophies, however he has chosen to step back from professional play for the time being. Continue reading and check out our other articles for the best information on lol betting!

Perkz participated in the 2024 LEC Winter Split and Playoffs as a member of Team Heretics. Perkz was substituted in favor of Artur “Zwyroo” Trojan, a SuperLiga Mid Laner vying for a spot on the Heretics Academy team, after placing seventh in that tournament. After the switch, Heretics had a better spring season, placing fourth in the regular spring split and fifth in the playoffs. With the Spring Split and MSI coming to a finish, Perkz has announced on social media that he will be taking a competitive hiatus rather than being placed on the Heretics’ bench.

Perkz is taking a break from pro play
Perkz is taking a break from pro play

Co-founder of Heretics Arnau Vidal gave an explanation of the decision at the time, praising Perkz for his efforts but stating that the team dynamic had not improved by spring. There have been rumors that the mid laner and his team management got into a fight, which led to the decision to bench Perkz and raise questions about possible internal strife within the League squad. Alvar “Araneae” Martín Aleñar, director at Team Heretics, discussed Perkz’s performance in an interview with Esportsmaniacos, recognizing both his flaws and his positive impact on the team spirit. The director brought up Perkz’s lackluster performance during the LEC Winter Split, but he also acknowledged Perkz’s positive effects on team spirit, implying that Perkz’s influence went beyond mere skill.


This legendary player might retire

The experienced mid-layer’s reflections reveal a great deal about the path his trip has gone. The gradual decline since then, from being one of the most renowned Western Mid laners to being a member of the greatest Western team ever put together. All that remains of Perkz after he has conquered the entire West is the last peak in the Worlds. In his final paragraph, Perkz announced that he will be streaming both League of Legends and Valorant and that he enjoyed learning something “entirely new” because it kept his mind active.

The break from competitive play that Perkz has taken is a pivotal point in his remarkable career, inspiring admirers and rivals alike to consider his accomplishments to date and his goals going forward. Although Perkz’s return to the professional scene is uncertain, League fans are unlikely to see him on the Rift until 2025.

With nine domestic titles under his belt from his time competing in G2 esports, Perkz is among the most accomplished League of Legends players in Europe. He belonged to the team’s golden generation in 2019, as they won the Mid-Season Invitational and finished second at Worlds 2019, making them the closest squad in League of Legends history to win both domestic and international championships in the same year.

Since the conclusion of the previous year, the 25-year-old mid laner has been under intense criticism due to his poor performance on Vitality and subsequently Heretics.

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