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PSG makes unexpected comeback to the DOTA 2 scene sponsoring a TI 2023 squad

PSG is making a highly unexpected return to the Dota 2 arena, joining forces with Quest Esports for The International 2023. This bold collaboration signifies PSG are determined to come back to the Dota 2 esports realm, barely a few weeks after parting ways with LGD. PSG Quest, is all set to dominate the upcoming TI 2023 this month. This monumental step marks their entrance into not only the competitive scene but also as a branded organization, where they aim to leave their mark as a serious competitor. Nobody had this happening on their dota2 prediction card.

PSG’s recent partnership with Quest is a testament to their commitment towards esports as a whole. It comes right after their successful partnership with LGD, which ended on September 4th after a long collaboration since back in 2018. PSG and LGD’s combined seasons saw them finish top 3 at The International three times, a remarkable achievement that speaks volumes about their dedication.

PSG makes unexpected comeback to the DOTA 2 scene sponsoring a TI 2023 squad
Quest Esports current roster

The move has sparked a range of reactions within the Dota 2 community. With PSG being owned by Qatar Sports Investments and Quest Esports also hailing from Qatar, there are those who firmly believe that Quest’s already impressive resources will now be further strengthened by PSG’s recent involvement. This has the potential to push them to an unprecedented level of power, potentially surpassing all other organizations in the process.

Nevertheless, the recent collaboration with PSG hardly diminishes Quest’s well deserved triumph this year. With them already being qualified to The International before the partnership was officialized.

Quest’s journey to the top began with their victory in the Western Europe Winter League Division Two. Soon after, they secured a respectable position in the middle of the table at the Western Europe Spring League Division One. However, they didn’t stop there and went on to claim 3rd in the highly competitive Western Europe Summer League Division One. Their impressive performance also earned them a commendable 4th place in The Bali Major. These accolades scream middle of the table, however most if not all of their series were against extremely tough opposition, with them usually going through the upper bracket.

Despite their recent dip in success, they remain a formidable force most teams don’t underestimate. Certain fans have humorously speculated that the new PSG partnership might result in a second or third place finish at TI 2023, much like LGD was “cursed” to finish in. However, even achieving such a feat would be a remarkable accomplishment for these underdogs. Even though the community might yell “money buys talent”, there seems to be a lot of passion in the project.

PSG Quests’ starting TI 2023 match is scheduled for October 13th, where they will face off against Keyd Stars, looking to prove the doubters wrong.

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