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PSG Talon Kicks Off MSI 2023 With A Victory Over DFM

The opening game of the 2023 League of Legends Mid Season Invitational was thrilling to witness. The competition’s opening dances, performed by PSG Talon and DetonatioN FocusMe, were impressive displays of each player’s skill in a fast-paced match. In the end, the PCS winners prevailed without having to play a third game of the first best-of-three match of the tournament.

The first game met the goal of the new MSI structure, which was to allow all teams more opportunities to demonstrate their strengths and flaws around the halfway point of the season. PSG dominated the first game and easily asserted their domestic dominance on a global platform. Thanks to their jungler Yu “JunJia” Chun-Chia, their aggressive style set the pace of the game from the opening battle around the goal.

PSG Talon Kicks Off MSI 2023 With A Victory Over DFM
Tsou "Wako" Wei-Yang, ADC for PSG.Talon

Despite the fact that it was not a “smooth” victory, JunJia expressed his relief that PSG’s name was attached to the first victory of the international competition. JunJia stated that he is looking forward to winning more matches in order to go to the next round of this year’s MSI with the hopes of competing against LCK junglers.

The fact that JunJia accepted responsibility for the team’s sluggish start in what would later be the final game of the series shows that the difficulties PSG faced in the second game of their match against the Japanese team didn’t worry him that much. According to the PSG jungler, his team’s inability to execute any successful early-game ganks put them in a hazardous situation that nearly cost them the victory in the second game.

Yu JunJia Chun-Chia, jungler for PSG.Talon
Yu JunJia Chun-Chia, jungler for PSG.Talon

But after nearly fifty minutes on the Rift and numerous errors from DFM, PSG triumphs in a crucial battle in front of the game’s second elder drake. The PCS winners moved to end the game and the match with the team’s boost.

After PSG’s triumph, G2 Esports defeated LOUD to earn their first victory of the competition. They will face this team from the EU in their subsequent match. JunJia told us, “I can’t wait to face junglers from EU and NA.” “I’m curious about their playstyle and metaread.”

However, as the competition goes on, the meta will shift, and PSG will need to modify their playstyle to better match their rivals. Despite being aware of this, JunJia is unconcerned about what he will need to play on the Rift as long as it suits his team.

Realistically, G2’s overall firepower and experience should allow them to emerge from the play-ins reasonably unscathed. However, there is a slim chance that a minor region representative like PSG Talon pulls off a significant upset given their recent slump in form. There is no tolerance for errors, whether they occur onstage or off, and there is also no place to undervalue the competition.

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