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Reportedly, Riot Games arranges meeting with LCSPA regarding recent walkout

The 2023 LCS Summer Split is right around the corner, and currently has its fair share of controversy making the community rather anxious to see its conclusion. Recent news of the LCS Players Association collectively creating a walk out with current LCS players has created turmoil for the opening day of the season.

Two days are left before the start of the split, and Riot Games may have finally agreed to a meeting in order to avoid any further delays on the situation. Reportedly a meeting has been scheduled between both parties to discuss the LCS walkout, according to reporter Hunter Cooke.

Reportedly, Riot Games arranges meeting with LCSPA regarding recent walkout
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Hunter Cooke via social media post:

LCSPA exec director @Phillip_Aram tells SBJ that the player’s association has a meeting with Riot today. Story w/ @Kevin_Hitt on the asset day cancellation and this update TK.

The walkout and meeting itself all came due to Riot Games’ recent decision to remove the requirement for LCS organizations to sponsor a Challengers League squad, with NA’s Tier 2 scene taking a massive hit due to it. After the announcement was made, a total of 7 LCS teams left their NACL squads, leaving a plethora of players and staff members without their previous livelihood in a matter of days.

Of course, there is another problem when it comes to North America’s scene, the lack of a true path to become a Tier 1 professional player. The future is uncertain for younger players attempting to break into the scene, as in its current state the system has gone down in support without major organizations being the sponsors for it. The LCSPA makes a valid point around this situation, as there are several players in the current LCS rosters that have been promoted through the NACL.

Former LCS players have started to suggest for any aspiring young player to move to Europe to sign with EMEA Regional League organizations, as it is a better established and more reliable path to becoming a Tier 1 player compared to NA’s system.

Phillip Aram (LCSPA’s executive director) has been extremely vocal with his opinions on the walkout and how proud he is with the support other LCS players have shown for it. Both he and the LCSPA are also looking to mitigate any attempts for other players becoming “scab players”, simply signing with an LCS team just looking to fill out their roster for the start of the season.

Riot Games will be looking to calm down the storm, with the 2023 LCS Summer Split currently set to start on Thursday, June 1st hopefully without any further controversy or delays.

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