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Riot Games Announces New Schedules For Competitive Leagues And Possible LEC Finals Location

Riot Games is set to make some changes

Apparently it’s been a hard year for League of Legends as an Esports with some of its leagues seeing a drop in viewership in 2022. For the 2023 season, Riot Games is set to make some changes within the competitive League of Legends gameday schedule across multiple domestic leagues.

Interestingly enough, Riot also revealed some findings about the viewing habits of LoL esports fans in its broadcast update posted recently. According to Riot, most fans prefer watching their favorite esports regardless of which region is playing. For example, LCS fans are more likely to spectate LEC encounters if they’re on, instead of watching VALORANT matches, Riot says.

DRX and T1 seen on the Worlds 2022 finals stage
DRX and T1 seen on the Worlds 2022 finals stage

The post also mentioned that the two most important priorities for spectators are to watch primarily their favorite team and to catch the most exciting matchups of the week. Also, burnout definitely can be a factor. Riot mentioned that 45% of the viewers feel exhausted after watching a full day of competitive League of Legends.

Taking all of these findings into consideration, Riot has decided to make a few changes in its broadcast schedule:

  • LCS: Thursday and Friday at 2pm CT
  • LEC: Saturday, Sunday, and Monday at 10am CT
  • CBLoL: Saturday and Sunday at 10am CT
  • LPL: Monday to Friday at 5am CT, while Saturday and Sunday at 3am CT
  • LCK games have also been given some new times:
    • Match No. 2 during weekdays will begin 30 minutes earlier, instead of 5am CT, it will start at 4:30am CT
    • Now, during the weekends, the first match of the day will move from 2am CT to 12am CT, while the second match will be moved from 5am CT to 2:30am CT

Riot is making all of these changes to make the viewing experience more enjoyable and less stressful by reducing overlapping matches between each region. With this new schedule, spectators now only have to choose “to watch” and not necessarily worry about “which game to watch.”

The first split of the CBLoL kicks off on Jan. 21, though that is the only league with a confirmed start date so far. Spectators won’t have to wait that long for some competitive games since the new Season Kickoff event starts on January 10.

In other news, the 2023 LEC finals will be taking place in the French city of Montpellier. The competitive season will feature a brand new format, with the LEC being split into three different parts. This time around, the grand finals will crown a European champion for the whole season, and not just for the split.

Montpellier, a city that is located in the south of France, is more than familiar with esports events, so it’s definitely not a big surprise to see it become the home of an European League of Legends tournament. There is also a report that the 2023 MSI will be happening in London, while Worlds is set to return to South Korea in 2023.

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