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sdy leaves Monte in mutual agreement

Viktor “sdy” Orudzhev has left Monte following the team’s 1-3 result at the European RMR in Copenhagen. Mutually agreed upon, the decision to not extend his contract means that SDY will be free to sign with any team. Sydy’s illness interfered with his preparations for the RMR, and he missed the first day of the pivotal qualifying match before coming back for Monte’s two best-of-three losses. Continue reading this article for the best information on esports predictions!


Former Monte member sdy, on stage
Former Monte member sdy, on stage

The team found it difficult to compete with tier-one teams and attend elite events prior to SDY’s January 2023 arrival to Monte. However, the Ukrainians improved Monte to such an extent that in May they made it to the BLAST.tv Paris CS:GO Major quarterfinals. Since then, the team has regularly participated in the world’s premier events, such as IEM Katowice, Cologne, or Sydney, despite barely taking home a single trophy.


No team in the scene played more maps than Monte did in the previous year, when they made the Major playoffs in Paris and permanently entered the top 20. Monte has a reputation for working hard. During that period, SDY also assumed prominent roles, improving his rating from 0.97 in NAVI to 1.11 in Monte. His play at the ESL Challenger Jönköping was good enough to earn him his first MVP award, and he placed 27th on the year’s expanded top players list.


In addition to SDY’s unexpected illness, Monte encountered unfavorable conditions while getting ready for the RMR. The group was only able to hold a bootcamp in Ukraine since they were unable to locate one elsewhere. But kRaSnaL, one of the players, refused to go because he was afraid of war. A week following his exclusion from the Copenhagen Major, the Monte organization made a social media announcement announcing Sdy’s departure from the team. The tweet claims that SDY’s contract expired and was not mutually extended. This was a very surprising roster change. From scratch, Sdy developed the team into a formidable opponent in the Tier 1 scene. Sadly, sdy will depart from Woro2k and embark on a new journey.


His earlier teammates spoke highly of their leader without reservation. Br0, the most recent Monte recruit, expressed his love and respect for him. The Dane expressed gratitude to SDY for helping him improve as a player and a person. As a free agent right now, Sdy is already accepting offers to work on new projects. Sdy stated on his personal Twitter that he was driven to join a new team. He says he is at the peak of his game and has a lot to offer a premier team. He has already spoken with a number of teams about his options, but nothing is official yet.


The shift in Monte is not shocking given the short run in Katowice and the European RMR for Copenhagen’s Major. In the CS:GO scene, teams frequently rearrange their roster after winning a major, let alone when they don’t make it. Not only did Monte miss out on the tournament, but Astralis, Fnatic, and Ninjas in Pyjamas were among the other organizations that did not make it.

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