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Sentinels crowned champions at Masters Madrid

Sentinels haven’t performed on the world’s largest stages in a very long time. They reappeared to lift a trophy for the second time in almost three years after winning the initial international trophy in VCT history. Get ready for an exhilarating season ahead and continue reading for the best information to help your valorant betting odds!

A five-hour challenge across 5 maps saw SEN and Gen.G engage in what was one of the greatest finals the VCT has ever witnessed. After fierce battles on Breeze, Bind, Split, and Ascent, SEN was crowned on Icebox.

Sentinels crowned champions at Masters Madrid
Sentinels holding the Masters Madrid trophy

The Koreans were merely another casualty of one of the most powerful VCT runs in history during that inaugural international event, which was the last event where Lakia and solo met SEN and TenZ. They had already broken the precedent this time, since they had defeated SEN during the upper rounds thus becoming the first Korean team to qualify for the international tournament grand finals. The last playoff battle was won by Gen.G thanks to a string of 6 straight pistol victories and a strong performance on Split and Breeze. This time, SEN fought tooth and claw to get their retribution, making it a significantly more competitive affair.

Sentinels and Gen.G Esports’ thrilling grand final came to an end, exhibiting fantastic skill and demonstrating that their place in the championship was well-earned. Both teams continuously gave it their all, making it impossible to identify the victor until the very end. Sentinels staged an attacking masterpiece during the second half, with Zellsis spearheading the charge by posting a +10 kill/death differential to win his first international trophy, proving that experience doesn’t matter following a close first half.

Sentinels won their first international championship since taking home the VCT 2021 Stage 2 Masters, defeating Gen.G 3-2. The Sentinels captain, Johnqt, is a Moroccan native who made history by being the initial player from Africa to achieve victory in an international event in VCT history. As a result, Johnqt, Zellsis, and Zekken all earned their first international award, while TenZ and Sacy entered the elite group by winning their second international trophies each. Sentinels receive 3 VCT championship points, the majority of the prize money, the trophy with a clover theme, and a unique prominent spot on the VALORANT store with their bundle when they win Masters Madrid. Sentinels are the initial group to take home 2 VCT Masters and are only the second team, after Fnatic, to earn 2 international trophies.

Zachary “zekken” Patrone won MVP honors after a brilliant overall showing by tying Demon1 for most kills in an international VCT series at 101.

Despite a valiant attempt, Gen.G was unable to secure the Pacific’s maiden VCT tournament triumph. They nevertheless made a significant contribution to Valorant’s history thanks to their amazing run. After a brief break, SEN will resume league play in two weeks. As they relax and heal, they will have much to celebrate. They will undoubtedly rejoice like kings.

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