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Sentinels take down LOUD

Sentinels advanced to the upper bracket final of the VALORANT Champions Tour 2024: Masters Madrid after winning an American derby once more. A derby took place in the 2nd semifinal of the first Masters event of 2024, but this time it was between American teams. Even though it was extremely difficult, Team Sentinels managed to overcome LOUD once more, building on their last victory. Get ready for an exhilarating season ahead and continue reading for the best information to help your valorant betting odds!


Sentinels roster at the Valorant Masters Madrid
Sentinels roster at the Valorant Masters Madrid




Sentinels and LOUD already engaged in combat in the VCT Americas Kickoff championship. In a frantic game on March 3, Sentinels outperformed the Brazilians. Sentinels prevailed in Lotus 13-4 on the 5th and final map of the series, which determined the outcome of the match. Both clubs are well acquainted with one another going into this game, and Sentinels have the advantage in terms of record (2024). However, Gustavo “Sacy” Rossi of the Sentinels, who plays in the same location, was a member of LOUD and won Champions with the squad in 2022.


Split was chosen by Sentinels as Map 1. And they demonstrated why precisely. They won 4 rounds in a row to begin the map with a very strong lead. Although LOUD was able to recover a couple rounds, it was insufficient. Sentinels won 9-3 to end the 1st half. The 2nd half saw much of the same as Sentinels finished the map with a 13–4 lead.

Following a lackluster show on Split, LOUD appeared more at ease on their chosen Icebox. But in the first round, Sentinels’ Tenz and Zekken performed admirably once more, winning the round in a 2v5 match. Even though they fell behind early, LOUD recovered to lead 7–5 at the break. By the end of the map, they had increased their lead to 10-7. But the Sentinels fought back, and Sacy, posing as Gekko, used a wingman defuse to trim the advantage to 11-10. Sentinels led 12–11 after a string of victories, but they eventually forced overtime, where LOUD won 2 rounds to draw the game 1–1.

Sentinels fell behind 3-0 on the decisive Sunset map and were eventually down 4-3 following an unlikely saadhak clutch. After that, Sacy was down one against four, but he pulled off a stunning round to tie the map at 4. Sentinels and LOUD exchanged rounds until the last map went into overtime. With clutch plays from Tenz and Johnqt, the Sentinels grabbed the map 14–12, the match 2-1, and victory in the first two overtime rounds.


Johnqt, the team captain, set a high standard by consistently performing at the highest level when it counted. Zekken earned a bad rating, his first in a long time, but Sentinels prevailed despite the underperformance of their greatest player.


The VALORANT Champions Tour 2024: Masters Madrid is scheduled for March 14–24. Eight of the top teams worldwide, two from each region, compete for three points that are required to qualify for the world final as well as a piece of the $500,000 prize pool. Fans are eager to see how this tournament continues to develop.


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