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Shopify acquires championship roster with Version 1 transfer

Shopify Rebellion GC has acquired the Version 1 lineup that is headed to Brazil in front of their participation at the Game Changers 2023 Championship: São Paulo. Get ready for an exhilarating season ahead and continue reading for the best information to help your valorant betting odds!

This squad, representing Version 1, won both Series 1 and Series 2 of the 2023 NA Game Changers without dropping a single map against any of its competitors. They finished 2nd in Series 3 where they experienced a defeat in the finals versus Evil Geniuses, and lost 3-1, missing their chance at the number one seed in a very close match that almost took it to a fifth map after a 11-13 loss on Breeze. Despite all this, they have already booked a spot in the Game Changers Championship, which will take place on November 28 in São Paulo, Brazil.

Shopify acquires championship roster with Version 1 transfer
Current Shopify player meL

It was discovered that the team has easily obtained all Version 1 players— ”meL”,“Noia”,“florescent”,“sarahcat”, and “alexis”—in a fantastic announcement video.

The chemistry that has grown among the core members over months of cooperation may work to Shopify Rebellion’s great advantage. A thorough awareness of teammates’ playstyles is just as important as individual skill while navigating the complexities of the Valorant scene.

The team would move its lineup to Shopify shortly after qualifying, possibly in connection with the speculations of a forthcoming merger between G2 and V1. Apart from the team they will play for, nothing should change. This team will continue to be the unified one that has dominated the NA Game Changers competitive scene for the whole year as a member of SR.

Although they competed in the American GC circuit, Shopify Rebellion’s team was not able to advance to the Championship under their former lineup, but despite some difficulties against Complexity GX3, their path includes a top 4 finish in Series II and finishing in second place in NA GC Series I.

They announced their roster drop on October 26, 2023. Three weeks later, the organization acquired the superteam.

Despite the new branding, meL and Alexis will be hoping to improve on their performance from the previous year after Cloud9’s tournament failure.

Alongside Evil Geniuses GC, Shopify is 1 of the 2 NA teams competing on the global stage in December. The teams competing in the tournament will be: Evil Geniuses GC, Shopify Rebellion GC, BBL Queens, G2 Gozen, Team Liquid Brazil, KRU Blaze, Team SMG GC and Chao Hui EDward Gaming.

Version 1 (formerly Shopify Rebellion) and G2 Gozen have been the most successful GC teams. They have taken control of the GC scenes in their regions all year long. One of the teams would have had to forfeit the tournament if the two teams had combined.

Expectations are high as the recently established Shopify Rebellion team gets ready for the Championship. The community is excited to see how this new chapter plays out and how it will affect the larger story of Valorant esports. Everyone will be keeping a careful eye on how other teams react to this news because this acquisition may lead to other teams making similar strategic decisions.

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