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Shopify Rebellion announces LCS roster

The recently formed team in the LCS, Shopify Rebellion, will be replacing the legendary organization TSM, who had stated that they planned to carry on with their League of Legends esports activities in a new setting in the future but have not provided any other information. Shopify Rebellion’s Game Changers team won the VALORANT Champions Tour 2023: Game Changers Championship, demonstrating their prowess in esports. Their lineup for the 2024 LCS campaign has now been revealed. Continue reading and check out our other articles for the best information on lol betting!

Finally, the LCS landscape for the 2024 Spring Split is taking shape. Along with a few well-known players, the most recent League of Legends squad to enter the LCS has offered fans a preview of what to expect in the forthcoming season.

Shopify Rebellion announces LCS roster
New support player Zeyzal competing for Cloud9

Shopify Rebellion’s main jungler and mid laner, Bugi and Insanity, are back from TSM, and coach Reven is expected to have another significant effect on the LCS as the team’s manager. As a part of this squad, the seasoned WildTurtle will also return, although as a bot lane replacement and streamer. It’s good to see that they’re maintaining a few players from the team they replaced from the LCS this year, and they ought to have some chemistry from their previous season together.

FakeGod, Zeyzal, and Tomio will unite under the Shopify Rebellion flag following their triumph as part of Disguised throughout the NACL Summer Playoffs. This will be the comeback of Zeyzal and FakeGod to the main stage after a period of absence. Although Tomio is labeled as a replacement for the coming Bugi, it is not yet apparent how the team intends to use both players in the upcoming season or whether Bugi will be given priority.

A lot of LCS fans have been keeping a close eye on FakeGod. Fans will be quite excited about his returning to the LCS because he participated in Disguised esports during the second half of 2023 and played for 100 Thieves back in 2019. Zeyzal is the most identifiable player on the lineup and is arguably the most well-known member of the squad due to his tenure with Cloud9. He’ll work nicely with FakeGod because they already competed together.

Bvoy completes the squad as a player with extensive overseas experience, despite being a newcomer to the NA landscape. Bvoy played a key role in paiN Gaming’s near-total takeover of the region in 2023. Though he had previously been trained by Reven, this will be the first professional game he plays with any of his teammates. Playing on JDG in 2018, Bvoy then moved to the LEC in 2019, then to the LLA and CBLoL. Bvoy has played all over the place. It’s now a chance for him to complete his journey by giving the LCS a shot as well.

All things considered, this lineup appears to be strong. It will be intriguing to see exactly where Shopify Rebellion ends up now that the LCS is down to eight teams. Though more details are anticipated to be disclosed after the holidays, it is still unknown how this would affect the schedule.

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