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Shrouded in Controversy, FPX comes out Victorious against XSET


The 2022 VALORANT VCT Champions playoffs continued with a hyped up repeat match between XSET and FPX. Both teams battled earlier in the group stage, where XSET managed to beat the Masters Champions.

FPX wins after remake in VALORANT Champions round
FPX wins after remake in VALORANT Champions round

This series would turn out to be not only one of the most exciting VALORANT matches in the playoffs, but easily the most controversial. Every map was extremely close with all players showing what they are made of, pushing the limit in every round possible. Even when everyone thought at last the series was over and FPX achieved victory, Riot Games announced that the final round of the last map would be replayed due to a Killjoy turret glitch. Even after the last round was replayed, FPX was able to come out on top with the original 2-1 scoreline.

Going into game one, XSET took tFPX to the newest map recently released within VALORANT. Pearl still has a lot left to be discovered as far as the meta and playbook is concerned. Every team has a different approach, especially when picking which composition to play with.

This time around on Pearl Chamber was a clutch pick for both teams, even as the map continued to be close for both teams. Ardiis was a killing machine through the entire match, however Cryo proved to be the better utility Chamber for his team. Pearl was a back and forth game, but XSET came out on top as Cryo came in clutch to finish the win 13-11.

After a couple of lag and technical issues within the English speaking stream, the issues were resolved by the time the teams continued into the second game on Bind.

Dmitry "SUYGETSU" Ilyushin, player for FunPlus Phoenix
Dmitry “SUYGETSU” Ilyushin, player for FunPlus Phoenix

SUYGETSU continued to dominate as he usually does on Bind, and the EMEA team started to clear a path early on the map. XSET’s defense began to misstep and FPX were able to finish 7-5 by the halfway mark. XSET managed to recuperate a couple of rounds, but FPX were able to conclude Bind 13-10.

Finally in game 3, both teams looked to close things out in Ascent. SUYGETSU picked Sage and started to show why he is one if not the best support player in the world. On the other side, BcJ lurked around the sites as Omen, picking up kills on unsuspected victims . For the third time in the series, FPX was up 7-5 at the half.

FPX was able to consistently read every situation, which proved detrimental to XSET’s hopes of somehow coming back into the game. Even though XSET managed to get 11 rounds back, FPX finally were able to close this grueling series, and at first took Ascent 13-11.

After an hour had passed since the series was over, an announcement came from tournament officials that a bug with AYRIN’s Killjoy turret in the final round of the map would mean that the last round would be replayed.

By the time the last round was to be replayed, it was around 2am in Istanbul. XSET came out rushing rather hard to the site, a different approach from the earlier instances. They won the replayed round and sent Ascent into overtime. Even though XSET was able to start a comeback, FPX by the end prevailed again, and the NA representative was eliminated from the tournament.

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