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Somnus, Fy, And Chalice Team Up For DPC CN 2023 Tour 3

PSG.LGD’s Dota 2 roster at the International 8 was unquestionably the finest in China’s competitive scene. For those who were unaware, the famous roster included xNova, Ame, Chalice, Somnus, fy. They won three additional Majors and placed second twice in two Tis during their active time in PSG.LGD from 2018 to 2019.

For the third Tour of Dota Pro Circuit 2023 (DPC 2023), Somnus declared that he is putting together a new team. Only the hard carry player and hard support player roles are open because fy and Chalice are the other two confirmed players.

Somnus, Fy, And Chalice Team Up For DPC CN 2023 Tour 3
Lu "Somnus" Yao, player for Azure Ray

Somnus claims that they made an effort to invite Ame, but were unable because the mid laner is still under contract with their former squad, PSG.LGD. Considering Ame’s importance to PSG as well.Given the success of LGD, it seems doubtful that they will fire him. Furthermore, the confirmed trio has committed to play without pay while this team searches for sponsors.

After being inspired by their performance in the Berlin Major, their ultimate objective is the International 2023 (TI12). Some of the most diversified upcoming European powerhouses, including Gaimin Gladiators, Team Liquid, and 9 Pandas, finished in the top three at the Berlin Major.

So it comes as no surprise that even these seasoned competitors are eager to face off against the new crop of challengers. Although it is the last Tour of the year, they are still too late to win any majors and will most likely compete in the TI12 open qualification instead.

Xu fy Linsen, player for Azure Ray
Xu fy Linsen, player for Azure Ray

Ame was the best carry player Somnus could have found, but sadly we had to rule him out. But Zhou “Emo” Yi, who is now playing for Invictus Gaming, would be a good hard carry player for Somnus’ ideal squad.

While IG’s performance has declined since finishing fourth at TI10, Somnus’ team may be able to capitalize on Emo’s reputation as a cunning carry player. Additionally, since the rest of the TI10 IG roster left and just he was left, Emo has been severely held down by his amateur team, as has been brought out by fans.

However, xNova may very well be in the running to fill the hard support position. Although he now competes for BOOM Esports in Southeast Asia, he may not have any plans to move out from his home country to join a self-funded squad.

It would also be interesting if Zhou “Yang” Haiyang served as this all-star stack’s staunch supporter. The support team of fy and Yang had many fond memories of representing Vici Gaming and Elephant. Therefore, it wouldn’t be surprising if fy had invited Yang to take a joyride inside TI12.

These are among the few members of the group who have not developed into bad apples, despite the deteriorating Chinese scene in DPC 2023 caused by widespread match-fixing. Specifically, they are well-known, high-profile players who are able to support themselves by streaming despite having no professional Dota 2 careers.

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