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STYKO will donate a percentage of his stickers

The Twisten Foundation, founded by the relatives of Valorant competitor Karel “Twisten” Ašenbrener, who passed away in 2023, and the families of the late David “cynic” Polster will receive twenty percent of the proceeds from the sales of stickers by Martin “STYKO” Styk. Following the last games of the Opening Stage last night, the PGL Major Copenhagen CS2 stickers were released. Having already been eliminated from the competition, Apeks’s STYKO made an extraordinary announcement and made the decision to donate a portion of the proceeds from the stickers. Continue reading this article for the best information on esports predictions!

Despite STYKO’s qualification for the PGL Copenhagen Major with Apeks, the European roster had to leave the competition early, finishing between 20th and 22nd. $10,000 in prize money will be awarded to him and the team, but the money doesn’t end there. At the CS2 Major, Valve always divides profits from player and team sticker sales with all competitors. Over $100 million in sticker money was earned by Valve in the previous BLAST.tv Paris Major, and it was divided equally among 24 teams, with each team taking home over $4 million. It is unlikely that the Copenhagen Major will surpass the sales records set by the Paris Major, but for the inaugural CS2 Major, we are still shooting for one to two million dollars per team.

STYKO will donate a percentage of his stickers
STYKO competing on stage


After three losses to Brazilian teams in the Major, Apeks finished the tournament with a 1-3 record. The team placed semifinalist in the last CS:GO competition, the Paris Major. Cynic was a player of Counter-Strike: Source and died at the end of January. A team qualified for the RMR of the Americas, Cynic was on BOSS, and the player was gone. Twisten, who died in the middle of last year, was a VALORANT player for Vitality. The Twisten Foundation was established by the player’s family to support and increase awareness for players who are dealing with mental health issues. STYKO discussed the value of young esports players’ mental health in his thread on X. The player expressed his sorrow over the passing of both athletes when he declared that he would donate 20% of the proceeds from his CS2 sticker.

The generosity of STYKO was well-received by both players and fans. Many people commend him for his empathy and willingness to support people in trying circumstances. Because of the close-knit nature of the eSports community, STYKO’s actions exemplify that spirit of support and camaraderie. STYKO’s kind gesture is a poignant reminder of the good that eSports athletes can accomplish. STYKO invites the Counter-Strike community to help him achieve his objective in addition to the gesture. Supporters can contribute to the project in tiny ways by just spreading the word about it. Community members can directly boost STYKO’s sticker earnings by purchasing the PGL Copenhagen Challengers Stickers Capsule, which includes Apeks and STYKO stickers, if they are able to contribute financially.

The player previously disclosed the amount he earned in 2023 as a professional Counter-Strike player on his YouTube channel. STYKO’s revenue sources are described in detail.

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