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SumaiL completes unexpected move to participate at the Berlin Major

Former International champion and well known player Syed “SumaiL” Hassan has positioned himself to be the saving grace for Team Aster after not only them but several other squads were struggling with visa issues. In the case of Team Aster, it prevented Zhai “Xwy” Jingkai from flying to Europe and playing at Dota 2’s Berlin Major.

The entire situation started with several rumors within Dota 2’s reddit community, which later on became official after Nigma Galaxy announced via a Twitter post earlier in the week that SumaiL would be traveling to Berlin to fill out Team Aster’s squad when the Major begins on April 26th.

Dota 2 player SumaiL

Team Aster looked for different alternatives in order to bring their true starter Xwy, sadly all of them finished on a dead end. However, they can now fully focus on practice and synergy in order to achieve as much as they can at the Berlin Major. The change itself is starting to raise eyebrows within the community, as it highlights a rather unique situation for the Dota 2 competitive scene. Since the implementation of the Dota 2’s competitive scene, there haven’t been many instances where Western players and Chinese/Asian teams have shaken hands on the server.

Even within other esports titles, Chinese and Korean based organizations do not sign Western players, the reasoning for it is unknown as it can be lack of talent compared to their home grown players or even just a cultural matter. Other instances where we have seen this happening in Dota 2 were: Dominik “Black” Reitmeier signing with Vici Gaming and Rasmus “MISERY” Filipsen as a member of LGD International back in the early years of esports in the 2010s.

Of course limitations will arise, mainly the language barrier and notable difference between playstyles, however Team Aster will take the chance on SumaiL to play at his best.

Given the unexpected situation, Team Aster had to look for a player that could fly extremely fast to the event, which did in fact limit their options to Western players. Finding a Chinese or Asian player who is ready to travel to Europe without much notice is definitely an extremely challenging task. SumaiL was the obvious choice for Team Aster, as the Pakistan native has achieved a lot in the scene including an International shield.

As for SumaiL, this has become his only chance to participate in the Berlin Major, as his squad “Nigma” was relegated to the second division of the Western European Dota Pro Circuit. The situation for him has become a pleasant yet unexpected surprise, especially playing under an Asian organization at an important Tier 1 event.

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