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T1 Advance to the Finals of the League of Legends 2023 World Championship

Although Gen G were the favorite Korean team to win the 2023 League of Legends World Championship, it was T1 the team that made it to the finals this past weekend. In doing so, the LCK’s 2nd team defeated the overall favorite team to lift the trophy, JDG. The LPL looked like the strongest league coming into the event and they proved it by qualifying all 4 of their teams into the knockout stage. JDG made it past the swiss stage in 3-0 fashion, beating two other LPL teams in the process, while LNG went 3-1 and BLG and Weibo did so in 3-2 fashion. Continue reading and check out our other articles for the best information on lol betting, with Worlds 2023 finals right around the corner!

China continued to obliterate the competition in Knockouts when BLG eliminated Gen G in a 5-game series while Weibo demolished the last Western team in NRG with a 3-0 score. The lower portion of the Knockout bracket was defined by KDG beating KT 3-1 and T1 doing the same to LNG in 3-0 fashion. The JDG vs T1 matchup was probably the most anticipated game of all Worlds 2023 featuring Ruler vs Faker once again. JDG had won the coin toss and selected red side for map 1. Since most bans were focused on the bottom lane, both Zeus and 369 had the opportunity to play any champs they wanted and decided to go with Aatrox and Rumble respectively.

T1 Roster LoL lineup
T1 Roster LoL lineup

Another highlight of map 1 was Keria’s pick of Bard to assist Gumayusi’s Jhin. Although both ADCs were battling it out, the real action took place in the top lane where Oner and Zeis were able to propel Aatrox forward and pressure the rift with powerful flanks. Faker played incredibly well as well, using his ultimate on Orianna in conjunction with Oner’s Rell and the map was over in less than 25 minutes with T1 ahead. Kanavi was one of the most criticized players during this map and his performance didn’t get any better by the second map. He repeated his pick of Vi while Ruler and Missing went for Kalista and Senna to combat T1’s Caitlyn and Ashe bot lane. However, despite a chaotic early invade by Oner and Kanavi’s poor performance in the jungle, 368, Ruler and Missing were able to turn things around and tie the series for JDG.

In game 3, fans cheered on as Faker picked Azir and although JDG earned first blood and first tower, T1 slowly built up a lead in Dragons until eventually getting soul. The first 18 minutes were mostly JDG earning a lead although T1 were able to secure all dragons and heralds. Eventually, T1 were strong enough to overrun JDG and put themselves ahead in the series.

Game 4 was another steady game for the first 20 minutes or so. Kanavi had pulled out the Belveth in an attempt to turn around his performance but was unable to do so. Another hype pick in this game was Zeus on the Yone top although he only got a single kill. It was Faker on Azir once again that led the charge for T1 as well as Gumayusi on Varus that in combination were able to slowly scale and secure battles upwards of the 24th minute mark. With baron secured twice, T1 was able to push forward and ultimately come out with the win.

The Worlds 2023 Finals is set to continue, with the tournament almost coming to a close. League of Legends’ competitive scene is full of excitement and esports odds for you to take a look at! Don’t forget to check our content for more information and bet on esports at BetUS Sportsbook & Casino.

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