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T1 continue strong MSI run

Earlier at MSI 2024, T1 and G2 played a tense match, with the EU’s last hope nearly eliminating the current global champions. However, T1 completely destroyed G2 in their rematch. Continue reading and check out our other articles for the best information on lol betting!

Even though there were many high points for both teams during the close games, T1 always understood exactly what they had to do to prevail. Even after G2 got themselves a Dragon Soul in Game 3 and even when Hans Sama’s Draven began to snowball in Game 2, T1 only prevailed. Even though the Caps had several excellent plays throughout the series, Faker showed that he was the superior player that day.

T1 continue strong MSI run
T1 member, Faker, competing on stage for T1

After their inconsistent performance in the competition thus far, the defending world champions appeared to have learned their lesson. Many fans questioned the Korean giants’ ability to adjust to the current meta after they narrowly defeated G2 Esports in their previous meeting at 2024 MSI. But on that day, they rose to the occasion and stunned G2 Esports’ dreams of winning a second MSI championship with an incredible performance.


Game 1

Gumayusi and Keria moved to the top lane to start game 1, and G2 mimicked that move. That immediately changed, as T1 went back to the traditional lane phase after first feeling more confident and having a slight advantage. In response, G2 performed admirably, giving the European team a 1k gold advantage and a commanding presence in every lane.

The gold advantage of the G2 vanished. In an attempt to make up for it, G2 destroyed Chemtech Drake, but they later lost players in another team battle.

Not too long later, T1 captured Baron. They had a 10 kill and 7k gold edge. T1 assaulted the opponent’s base while still wearing the Baron bonus, demolished the Nexus, and eliminated every person there.


Game 2

Yike got caught returning from a bot lane gank, and T1 once again took the lead. However, Faker botched the gank and gave the kill to Caps when T1 attempted to force a second kill.

After taking control of the first Baron, T1 was able to win the subsequent battle and attempted to advance into the G2 base. Whether deliberate or not, T1 defeated G2 in a team battle and sent them to the ground. For a little while, G2 was able to halt T1, but Faker was able to TP into the base and win the second game of the series.


Game 3

In game three, G2 gained a slight advantage thanks to yet another strong start. Not too long after, G2 attempted to exert pressure on the base by using their 4k gold and 3-kill advantage. In this series, G2 seems to have finally gained strength. They were just about to capture a dragon or Baron. However, T1 unexpectedly prevailed in a team battle and captured Baron.

T1 used their Baron bonus with some caution. They waited for the advantage to grow because they wanted to hit hard. G2’s errors were harshly punished by T1, who ultimately took Baron, gained the upper hand over their opponents, destroyed G2’s base, and forced G2 to withdraw from the MSI 2024.

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