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T1 Rekkles gets incredible support win rate in Korea

During the off-season, Carl Martin Erik “RekklesLarsson has been working hard in solo queue since joining T1. Rekkles partnered with T1 Esports Academy this off-season to play support, ushering in a new chapter in his illustrious career. The Swedish professional made the decision to swap last season after playing ADC his whole career. He expressed his expectation that the change would be another advancement in his career, saying he felt like he was stalling out in comparison to his colleagues in the role. Continue reading and check out our other articles for the best information on lol betting!

Rekkles was benched soon after announcing the shift, so he never really had an opportunity to show off his skills as a Support with Fnatic. He now has another opportunity to demonstrate his continued abilities ten years into his professional career with T1. Based on his account’s rating and win percentage, the player has demonstrated thus far in the off-season that he can certainly still hang with the top players in solo queue in his new role. Before 2024, Rekkles’ career is taking a significant shift. Apart from repositioning himself, he relocated to South Korea to become a member of T1, the world’s most prosperous League of Legends club. He is currently a member of the Academy. He was given a two-season contract and fans will undoubtedly be thrilled to see him make his supporting debut in Korea. Along with four Korean-speaking colleagues, he will play a crucial role in the league and face several hurdles.

T1 Rekkles with former team FNATIC
T1 Rekkles with former team FNATIC

Given that most international leagues have an average age of between 20 and 23, the contract term may not be as fixed in stone as it seems, even though it seems extremely lengthy for a player who is going to be 29 by the time it expires. For T1, the agreement offers exposure, experience, and the possibility of a buyout, with the apparent objective of providing Rekkles with sufficient time to excel in the new position. A two-year term will provide the organization more ability to help recover its investment, given when contract negotiations often take place.

Based on OP.GG’s metrics, Rekkles is ranked among the top 100 players and has attained the Challenger category. He emphasized Janna as the champion he ascended the ladder with, and he claims a 70% victory rate with her.

Though he did play some other support champions, Janna accounted for the majority of his games. In his ascent to the top of the standings, he also gave good performances alongside Senna and Bard. With 66% of victories in roughly 150 games, his overall victory percentage is even more remarkable, and he isn’t slowing down.

Up until now, Rekkles has primarily played Janna games, with a few Ashe, Senna, and Bard games thrown in. He has a 72% win percentage and a 6.56 KDA on Janna. Even if Rekkles was playing his primary role on European servers, this would still be remarkable, yet he has seamlessly transitioned into support and is moving up the ladder. Even as a professional ADC player, he has a track record of playing support in solo queue, but it’s difficult to ignore how strong he already looks.

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