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T1 survives as Korea’s Last Hope at Worlds 2023

After 4 days of intense competition in South Korea, The 2023 League of Legends World Championship quarterfinals have come to an end. Unfortunately for Korean fans, only a single LCK team made it into the semifinals that will kick off next Saturday November 11. If you want to have the best esports betting tips, continue reading!

Perhaps one of the most shocking results was Bilibili’s 3-2 victory over Gen.G. While the series did play out to the last game, fans and experts across the world expected Gen.G to come out victorious. After all, Gen.G was Korea’s 1st seed team and had decisively taken down T1 3-0 at the LCK finals back in August. The roster composed of Doran, Peanut, Chovy, Peyz and Delight, had made it out of the swiss stage with a 3-0 record, being the only team other than JDG to do so. To add to the strangeness of the result, Bilibili isn’t just China’s 2nd seed team but they also struggled to make it out of swiss, doing so with a 3-2 record and having dropped games against JDG and T1.

T1 survives as Korea's Last Hope at Worlds 2023
T1 player Faker

By the end of the series, it was pretty clear that Bilibili’s jungler, Xun, was a step ahead of Chovy on the day. Xun’s KDA throughout the series was 11.0, claiming 24 kills and 32 assists to his name while conceding a mere 5 kills in the entire 5-game series which is insane to say the least. Xun was allowed to play Jarvan IV for the entire series and while this isn’t a Champion that most teams would think of banning, Xun’s has proven incredible mastery at it. Jarvan has a mere 55.2% win rate at Worlds so far and Xun hadn’t played it more than once prior to this series but whether fans believe this was a mishap by Gen.G or a very good day for Bilibili, the fact of the matter is that Bilibili are going up against Weibo next and many fans expect them to sweep China’s 4th feed for a speedy pass to the grand finals.

JDG’s 3-1 victory over KT Rolster wasn’t as much as a surprise. JDG is China’s 1st seed, the only other team to 3-0 the swiss stage and the favorite to win it all. They’ll be playing their semifinals match against none other than Faker’s T1 roster, Korea’s last hope to win a World Championship at home and the only non-Chinese team to remain at the event. T1 made it to the semifinals through a 3-0 victory over LNG. Watching the games, it was quite easy to cheer on Faker’s amazing performance on Azir in game 1 and while he only died 2 times in the entire series, the bigger picture shows us that the entire team performed admirably with lowest KDA being Faker and Gumayusi’s 11.5 while the highest was a whopping 23 by Zeus who closed the series 13/1/10 playing Jayce and Aatrox.

Fans are now expecting an epic battle between JDG and T1 in their semifinals match, one that will see Faker and Ruler battle it out once again. With Worlds 2023 already started, keep an eye on all of our content as we’ll be covering all the action League of Legends has to offer. Don’t forget to bet on Worlds 2023 at BetUS Sportsbook & Casino, as we have a plethora of lol odds for you to enjoy!

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