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T1 through to MSI 2024 Final Four

After the reigning world champions defeated Team Liquid from the Mid-Season Invitational in the tournament’s final six, T1’s lower bracket run continues. T1 will take on G2 Esports one more at MSI following their 3-1 triumph over TL. The LEC champions are seeking retribution for their first-round Bracket Stage setback. Continue reading and check out our other articles for the best information on lol betting!

Given that this was TL’s first MSI debut in four years and the first for three-fifths of its starting lineup, it’s difficult to find many issues with the team’s performance. They share fifth and sixth place with Top Esports of the League of Professional Leagues, who were defeated by G2 yesterday.

T1 through to MSI 2024 Final Four
T1 roster on stage at MSI 2024

The two most seasoned veterans of TL, Yong-In “CoreJJ” Jo and Eon-Yeong “Impact” Jeong, were both former LCK players with extensive experience with T1. The Worlds victory in season three while on the previous SK Telecom T1 team is Impact’s most well-known accomplishment. Regarding CoreJJ, he was a member of the now-defunct Samsung Galaxy team that won T1 in the Worlds 2017 grand finals.


Match Recap

Given that TL took some time to get things going, the first game was definitely the easiest of the set for T1. Although it wasn’t the series’ most kill-heavy encounter, it did showcase T1 at its best—that is, effectively seizing objectives following a fruitful team fight that largely went its way. Choi “Zeus” Woo-je demonstrated why he’s one of the best toplaners with a brilliant performance on Camille, even though he died the most out of all of his teammates with three deaths.

And just when you believed it would be yet another whitewash, TL surprised everyone by dominating T1’s triple-marksman lineup in the second game. Both sides had individual opportunities to take the lead, thus the game was basically back-and-forth. Similar to its previous performances at MSI, T1 has a tendency to make mistakes, which TL was able to take advantage of. Due to this, Sean “Yeon” Sung on Samira was able to get some significant shutdowns versus T1, but sadly, it wasn’t sufficient.

The top seed from North America improved much more in game three, displaying remarkable fortitude and strategic skill. TL took control of the map thanks to their aggressive fighting style, even managing to sneak in a Baron buff under T1’s nose, despite T1’s more reliable gaming. TL defied forecasts of their quick doom by using their momentum to their advantage and winning with a well-timed push into T1’s base.

In game four, T1 stormed in like world champions, destroying TL all over the Rift. In one of the bloodiest games of the tournament thus far, they amassed over 20 kills in less than 20 minutes, dominating TL in every facet of the game. The aggressiveness and tenacity of T1 were evident in the final case, which gave fans hope for their rematch with G2 Esports in the following round.


They continue their MSI run

In the future, T1’s triumph over TL prepares them for a rematch with G2 Esports, their adversaries. The forthcoming series promises to be an exciting match that no one wants to miss because both sides are keen to establish themselves on the global scene.

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