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T1 wins against G2 at MSI 2024

The recent G2 Esports vs. T1 match broke the previous record for peak viewership for MSI 2024. An impressive accomplishment given the combined fan bases of each of the two teams separately. The encounter between G2 and T1 was, aside from yesterday’s BLG vs. PSG Talon, the most important match to watch at MSI 2024 thus far. West and East collide. A rematch that has been planned for five years. Being the first Western team in the MSI 2024 Bracket Stage, the last hope of the West forced the reigning Worlds champions to Silver Scrapes. Continue reading and check out our other articles for the best information on lol betting!

G2 will now play in the lower bracket, where they will face PSG, but they are still in the tournament. G2 came agonizingly close to defeating T1 in a best-of-five series for the first time ever in this thrilling match. Sadly, it wasn’t the case since T1 accomplished what a lot of people had anticipated of them, which was to ultimately win.

T1 wins against G2 at MSI 2024
The T1 roster together


Based on EsportsCharts, this match had over a million peak views worldwide, making it the most watched League’s MSI 2024 to date. And as the grand finals approach, those numbers will undoubtedly rise. Attendees can anticipate an incredible opening ceremony. Whatever the case, the match between G2 and T1 in the MSI bracket stage’s opening round today was definitely the most thrilling of the competition thus far, enthralling spectators around the globe with a gripping series that extended to a fifth game.

Not only did G2 almost pull off the unimaginable, but their match has already broken the record for highest viewership. With 1.5 million peak viewers, the T1-Estrals match—the opening match of MSI 2024—had previously held the record.

But according to Esports Charts, T1-G2 drew 2.3 million viewers at its height, making it not only the most viewed match at MSI 2024 thus far but also almost matching the top of the LCK 2024 Spring Finals, which was slightly over 2.6 million.


Series recap

Both teams displayed out-of-the-ordinary champion selections throughout the series, including G2 picks Kog’Maw, Vel’Koz, and Yasuo. However, game five was when both teams really showed off their abilities and capabilities, proving why they are considered to be among the finest in the world. Neither team had a distinct advantage even at the half, and the game stayed incredibly tight until the very end. Every move became crucial, and the result of a single battle could determine the course of the entire series.

The world champions’ superior poke damage combined with the Baron bonus let them to relentlessly press their opponents, progressively gaining double inhibitors, while G2 were finding individual kills on T1. In a decisive battle, T1 eliminated each member of G2 one by one, quickly sealing the series win.

Due to this defeat, G2 will now play in the MSI 2024 bottom bracket, where they will take on PSG Talon, who played well against BLG yesterday. In the meantime, T1 advances to play the top seed in the LPL in a rematch of the MSI 2023 semifinal.

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