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Taiga dropped from Leviatan

After just one month, Tommy “Taiga” Le, a 25-year-old professional Dota 2 player under scrutiny, was let go from the South American side Leviatán because to the ongoing fallout from match-fixing claims. On April 16, Taiga was abruptly fired from Leviatán. The group claimed on Facebook that the termination was amicable, but it was evident that the accusations had taken a toll. A translated version of the post stated, “Leviatán rejects any unsportsmanlike behavior and we emphasize our values based on integrity.” According to Leviatán’s lineup on Liquipedia, Kenny “Xepher” Deo, an Indonesian player, will supposedly take Taiga’s position in this week’s EPL World Series: America match. Check out this information and more of our articles to help your dota 2 betting adventures!


Taiga dropped from Leviatan
Taiga playing Dota 2 on stage

His involvement in match-fixing was exposed by Russian content creator Morf. His reputation was damaged by his deeds, which spread throughout the Dota 2 community. Tommy talked about his battle with a gambling addiction earlier in 2023. Unfortunately, the player’s situation worsened. The report first surfaced almost a week ago. The current head of OG in-game, Sébastien “Ceb” Debs, was a guest on the Morf’s show prior to the revelation of Taiga’s activities. Ceb disclosed that OG was the first to discover Taiga was struggling with addiction. Because of this, the squad decided to bench the player after growing suspicious of his behavior. The group conducted internal inquiries in the interim. Ceb also disclosed that the team communicated with Valve and other tournament organizers regarding the circumstances.

Taiga reversed course on his February 2024 decision to leave competitive Dota after just one month, collaborating with the Argentine organization as part of its March esports debut. Before the support player left the team, the team placed 4th in the South American closed qualification for PGL Wallachia, demonstrating that they had not yet fully clicked. Taiga’s second departure from Dota is a result of serious accusations that he has fixed Dota 2 matches all of his career, with particular attention to his time on OG in 2022 and 2023. Additionally, he was charged of disclosing insider information and confidential data while being threatened with blackmail by the “322 Mafia,” a gang of Russian matchmakers. After conducting its own independent inquiry, OG first denounced Taiga’s activities, saying the organization had “maintained neutrality on the matter without significant proof to the contrary” prior to the probe’s conclusion. After that, Taiga joined Bleed Esports, however because to his unsatisfactory performance, he decided to announce his retirement from Dota 2 competitions and begin streaming on Kick instead, before returning to play for Leviatán.

Without any official comment from Taiga or Leviatan, the Dota 2 community took to speculating and began examining his past match replays during the purported period of his connection with 322. The Dota 2 community discovered a string of dubious plays from Taiga, in which he swapped first-blood kills for verified gambling gains while purposefully being off-position.

Taiga, a 25-year-old who returned to Kick to stream today, is not sure if he will suit up for another strong Dota 2 squad. The accusations made against Taiga have not received any public acknowledgment from Valve or any official organization.

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