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Team Falcons win DreamLeague season 23

Team Falcons wins DreamLeague Season 23 handily, securing yet another champion title. The squad has now won four tournaments in 2024. The $300,000 prize will make Team Falcons the winners of the million-dollar competition. Check out this information and more of our articles to help your dota 2 betting adventures!


Team Falcons member, Cr1t-, playing on stage
Team Falcons member, Cr1t-, playing on stage

Their path to win this trophy

In November of last year, the Middle Eastern organization joined Dota 2. The squad has amassed a golden list of accomplishments in just six months, something that many other teams have been fighting for. The DreamLeague Season 23 victory for Team Falcons has added to their growing collection of tournament victories.

The Falcons have already won four tier 1 competitions this year. BetBoom Dacha Dubai, DreamLeague Season 22, ESL One Birmingham, and DreamLeague Season 23 are these tournaments. Despite glitches in two tournaments, Team Falcons managed podium finishes. They placed third in the most recent PGL Wallachia Season 1 and second in the online Elite League. The group appears to be in excellent shape, and they undoubtedly have one of the best rosters in Dota 2. The Team Falcons did fulfill their promise. When the squad faced off against their first opponents the next day in the DreamLeague Season 23 groups, they won handily. Furthermore, Team Falcons won all the series they played in the group stage. They did, however, have a setback during the postseason.

Teams had to plan their drafts and adapt to the new meta when the patch update was released in the middle of the tournament. Some teams, though, rapidly adjusted to the adjustment. The first team to figure out how things worked in patch 7.36 was Gaimin Gladiators. Team Falcons caught on to the solution as well, however they did it a little later than Gaimin. Gaimin thus defeated Team Falcons in a swift series to drop them to the lower bracket when the two teams faced off in their first upper bracket finals. The show doesn’t even reach the hourly mark. Team Falcons exacted revenge for their upper-bracket finals loss by defeating the BetBoom Team in their low-bracket series and earning the lone ticket remaining to the grand finals.



Next tournament

All eyes will be on July’s $5 million Riyadh Masters, but a few elite squads will compete in FISSURE Universe 2 later this week. At the end of DreamLeague Season 23, the eight invited teams—Falcons, BetBoom, Gaimin, Xtreme, Tundra, OG, Liquid, and Spirit—were confirmed. The remaining Play-In teams will soon be chosen based on EPT rankings.

The formation of this team was barely six months ago. Throughout this team, Team Falcons has won numerous trophies and two podium places. Team Falcons’ overall prize awards came to about 1.5 million USD. The Team Falcons are the overwhelming favorites for the forthcoming Riyadh Masters 2024 because of their outstanding season-long performance and their most recent success at the DreamLeague Season 23.

Focus will shift to TI 2024 after Riyadh, but considering the Falcons’ performance in 2024, it will be difficult to select a different favorite to raise the Aegis, but only time will tell what is next to come.

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