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Team Heretics Outlasts BDS Academy to become EUM Summer Champions

LVP Spain’s Team Heretics managed to steal the European Masters trophy from France back to Spain after taking the Summer grand finals over LFL’s BDS Academy in an extremely chaotic EU Masters series.

Even though BDS Academy was the heavy favorite in most viewers’ eyes since they had not lost a single game in the tournament, Team Heretics quickly became a dark horse since the beginning of the competition.

Team Heretics claim the European Masters title
Team Heretics claim the European Masters title

The series saw quite a lot of twists and unexpected results as Team Heretics grabbed the first 2 games, and then went to lose the next 2, before coming in clutch in the last game of the series to win the event.

This time around in the EU Masters Summer tournament, things were a little bit different, with previous triple winners Karmine Corp failing to even qualify for the tournament. Thus creating a lot of possibilities for other teams coming into the competition. Even after all of this, the LFL representatives were definitely considered absolute favorites to take back the trophy to France, since all 4 organizations managed to enter the playoffs stage. However Team Heretics won against the first LFL team LDLC OL, 3-1 in the semifinals stage following an extremely tough series against Unicorns of Love Sexy Edition which saw them barely pass through.

Going into the grand finals, Team Heretics looked calm and prepared for what was coming. They successfully identified the strong point of BDS, top laner Adam, which normally plays extremely aggressive in the early game paired with Sheo’s jungle pressure via his pathing, however Team Heretics looked to punish this early aggression and it absolutely worked.

Once the BDS Academy lineup fell into Team Heretics’ plan it seemed nothing was going well for them, as good drafts paired with good execution was enough to force mistakes out of BDS Academy. Even with his staple Draven pick normally banned, Jackspektra had a huge impact in the grand finals series.

However going into games 3 and 4, the Spanish representative often stumbled to close the game quickly, thanks to that sloppy closure BDS Academy was able to turn the pressure by securing neutral objectives in key points of the game, thankfully for the LFL community they grabbed 2 games back to tie the series. The same situation even happened in the high stakes game 5, however this time around it was not enough to defeat Team Heretics, who at last was able to close the series out and become champions.

With this series, Team Heretics has officially brought back the title to Spain. It’s an incredible achievement for the roster, as the organization will be going to the LEC next year after a buyout of Misfits Gaming’s spot.

While Team Heretics has yet to confirm the official LEC roster, the current academy team’s players have an incredible chance to be on their list. Even if changes are made, other LEC teams might have their crosshair ready to hopefully bring this talent to their own lineups.

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