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Team Liquid grab a playoff spot at IEM Chengdu

On the opening day of the $250,000 Chinese event on April 8, Team Liquid defeated HEROIC (13-8 on Ancient) and G2 (13-6 on Ancient, 10-13 on Anubis, and 13-9 on Inferno) to qualify for the IEM Chengdu playoffs. In 2024, these triumphs may seem insignificant to someone who hasn’t been following Liquid. But even so, since reassembling the team with players Casper “cadiaN” Møller, Russel “Twistzz” Van Dunkel, and Felipe “skullz” Medeiros and installing Wilton “zews” Prado as head coach, they’re already the best performance the team has had in CS2. Even though the Liquid initiative is still in its early stages, the players were already under pressure because they were not qualified for the PGL Copenhagen Major in March. Liquid’s qualification for the IEM Chengdu playoffs should alleviate some of the players’ anxiety, as this is their first opportunity to win a tournament of this kind. Continue reading this article for the best information on esports predictions!

Day one of IEM Chengdu 2024 saw some of the most encouraging outcomes for the all-star Liquid squad thus far, following a difficult few months. The day began with a challenging match versus Heroic, but Twistzz and cadiaN’s clinic assured a comfortable victory. After that, G2 was up. In this series, Liquid prevailed once more, although it took all three maps to settle the score. Liquid will now get to perform live for the first time in the Playoffs. Overall, Twistzz is largely responsible for Liquid’s quick start in China. Throughout the day, he performed incredibly well, guaranteeing that Liquid would always advance to the Playoffs. En route to the playoffs, the 2-time Intel Grand Slam champion has the most K/D difference of any player in the competition with an incredible +33. He currently sits on a 1.41 HLTV rating. But Keith “NAF” Markovic’s performance in the late game against G2 on Inferno, where he held a crucial one-versus-two situation, can’t be disregarded. He now has a 1.28 HLTV rating. They could be unexpected dark horses in the competition as a whole with their current form.

Team Liquid grab a playoff spot at IEM Chengdu
Liquid member, skullz, competing on stage at IEM Chengdu

It’s challenging to identify the precise improvement Liquid made in order to move on to the IEM Chengdu playoffs. Although none of the players fragged very well versus HEROIC or G2, neither their CT nor T side displays were particularly overpowering, and the team dynamic improved. After winning rounds, CadiaN, Twistzz, and YEKINDAR were visibly more excited and shouted several times during the day. In the post-match interview with Anastasija “Heccu” Tolmačeva following their 2-1 victory over G2 in the Group A upper bracket quarterfinal, Twistzz partially validated the shift in attitude.

After making it to the IEM Chengdu playoffs in the first round, Team Liquid will have till Wednesday, April 10 to recuperate and be ready to take on the victor of FURIA vs. MOUZ. Liquid will go directly to the $250,000 tournament semifinals if they win this match on Wednesday. With Liquid’s terrible RMR campaign still fresh in everyone’s mind, numerous broadcast team members have expressed their opinion throughout IEM Chengdu thus far, stating that Liquid has reached a time where their lineup needs to show some promise.
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