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Team Liquid Moves to 3rd Place After Shaky Week in the LCS

After a shaky start of the week thanks to their loss Saturday to 100 Thieves, it was definitely unclear how Team Liquid would come back against a resurgent team such as CLG, whose upward momentum had rocket them to the top of the LCS standings and power rankings. Nevertheless, Team Liquid with their veteran team fighting skills and high macro based vision, successfully secured their fifth win of the League of Legends betting Championship Series Summer Split.

CLG jungler Contractz looked to stop Team Liquid’s early game pressure from progressing in the start of the game. With bot lane duo Luger and Poome by his side, Contractz managed to secure himself the enemy blue buff and wolves in a small invade, while mostly avoiding Santorin’s line of sight to steal Gromp and gain a pretty big early level advantage over Team Liquid’s jungler.

Jo "CoreJJ" Yong-in, support for Team Liquid

Something quite unique happened in the draft as well, CLG decided to give Amumu support a go to the Rift in the pick/ban phase, and if you are a lol bets fan, then you know just how special this pick was. Amumu looked to be a powerful answer to the Hans sama/CoreJJ bot lane duo, one that has spent the year being crucial to Team Liquid’s success, as a really good counter vs the engagement and movement from TL’s Zeri/Rakan picks.

After the dust settled in the early game, Santorin was prepared to strike back for the invade Contractz had done in the early game. With Contractz distracted by the more squishy members of Liquid, Santorin rampaged with his Volibear through the teamfight and into the dragon pit to secure his team’s second drake kill, barely balancing the gold between the two teams by the mid game.

Learning from the mistakes in the early game, every member of Liquid started to rotate around the map freely to assist each other. With wards hidden quite deep in CLG’s jungle, Liquid knew exactly where every member of CLG was at all times, disrupting CLG’s plans when it mattered the most.

Bjergsen’s control on Swain at the helm definitely ensured any member of CLG attempting to escape would do so unsuccessfully, as his ability to frontline with damage on top of that became lethal in a fight that rewarded them the Baron buff. The combination of Baron buff with the Mountain Soul was impossible to overcome for CLG, even under the safety of their own base.

LCS Goes on a Break Next Week

Liquid finished week 3 with one win and one loss, now advancing to third place in the LCS with a 5-2 record. Despite CLG’s position on securing themselves an early game lead, Liquid’s team composition was more than enough to come back through team fights, allowing Liquid to advance out of the tie in the standings they had with today’s opponents. The LCS will be going on a one week break starting next weekend.

Week four is set to start on July 16th and mark the halfway point of the 2022 Summer Split, but be sure to check out our esports picks of this week as the LPL and LCK will continue as usual. Liquid will start versus Golden Guardians to end the first day of week four, while CLG look to avenge their disappointing weekend against Immortals.

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